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Fall Season Is Out: Why Fall Is The Best Time To Switch On A New Look


You may be wondering why you should care about how you look every time the seasons change. Well perhaps because there is a need to do so since your body cannot adapt to the weather changes you will be experiencing when the time comes. On this light, fall season has just arrived and wearing appropriate clothes is an excellent idea, aside from the fact that you can make it as an excuse to wear clothes fashionably. There are a lot of fall fashion clothes that you can choose from wholesale clothing outlets around the corner and it is a tempting feat to start with.

Every season is an opportunity to try something new and different. This often results to, if not, a change of opinion. Nevertheless, there are reasons why fall is the best time to switch on a new look because, why not?

Simple fashion tips:


You can experiment on what suits you

If you are the type who experiments a lot with clothes even if it means thrifting or buying wholesale street wear apparels, then it is a good move. You cannot only save yourself from the impulse of buying and shopping new ones; it can also spark the creativity within you. Moreover, by experimenting during the fall season (and also during the other seasons) can create lots of opportunities for you to know more ideas.

There are online sites that will help you experiment properly in aiming that certain fashionable look you wanted, like Pinterest and Tumblr, among others. By this, you can also create a blog wherein you can share your thoughts and DIY projects on fashion. This won’t only help you keep a memorabilia of your fall fashion ideas, but it might be of good use for others who were struggling to find ways on how to modify their daily dress ups.


You can choose a color

Fall is a season to mix and match different tones. You may play with the colors that will suit your mood; from your shirt, sweater, and scarf to your jeans and shoes! Choosing the colors should, however, complement with each other. During fall season, earth colors are safe to use, or if you sport a minimalist approach, then you can also do so as long as it turns out all right.

Choosing vibrant colors is also fine, but a suggestion would be using pastel tones so as not to kill the mood and to keep the “fall” vibe on balance.


Try on different tops

Since you are on experimentation and switching to fall season wardrobe is also a fancy move to do, making the best out of the switch by trying on different tops, and matching them with some other elements such as cardigans or other accessories, will make your outfit more interesting. Safe tops like the normal, hip tees you can choose from wholesale tee shops won’t go wrong. V-neck tops are also appropriate for this kind of season since you can make do anything out of it.

Moreover, jackets, cardigans and the like can help keep the fashionable look for the fall season especially if you match it properly with your clothes.


Use different scarf designs

Scarfs look best during fall. They are very handy to bring and can be used in lots of ways. During fall season, scarves are often used to cover up especially the neck part, to protect it from cold. Scarfs on the other hand, can be used as fashion elements to complete a ready-to-go look. Using different types of scarves and of different designs, they will add an astonishing touch up to your outfit depending on your style.

Simple outfits like plain shirts can be accentuated by scarfs and makes the get-up interesting to look at. You can wear the scarf in any loop you like, adding a texture and dynamics into your outfit. There are different types of scarves: from skinny silk textures to the bulky hand-knitted ones, etc. You will still look fabulous anyway.


Sweater weather

Yes it’s sweater weather season, which makes it an excuse for many to feel cozy and cuddle up! Which also happens to be an advantage for people who are really fond of sweaters and are very much excited to wear their favorites sweaters on the appropriate time. Well, fall is one appropriate time to begin with, which is an entry to the winter season, and this season happens to become everyone’s favorite time of the year.

There are a lot of wholesale clothing stores who sell bulk sets of sweaters, that you can choose because of it’s variety. On that note, wearing sweaters can also be a fashion material. Trying on these items would mean making yourself open to possibilities and ideas.


Wear your favorite boots

Boots are comfortable kicks you can wear during the fall season and it is exciting to learn how you would manage to pull off these gems with your outfit-of-the-day. There are different types of boots that you can try on: stacked type, dressy, the stiletto type, riding boot, and many more that you can choose from.

By keeping your feet warm and cozy from the weather outside with those killer boots you’ve got, you can match it up with your favorite jeans and accessorize it to even out the elements. You are good for your fall season experience!


Layering is acceptable

Because it’s fall season, it is also an acceptable reason to layer your clothes! By doing so, make it an opportunity to try on new stuff and about the up and trending. Since it’s a habit to do this especially when the fall season comes in (and more during the winter time), dress yourself with fancy garments but make sure not to over do it. You can play with colors as long as they match and they go too showy.


Tips for yourself:


Be more confident with yourself

Show what you’ve got and be more confident to show it off. Knowing good fashion sense makes a person more confident and dashing because you know that you are doing it right.


Being able to learn more new fashion trends

With the Internet’s help, there is no excuse for you not to learn more and to try different patterns. Make use of the technology and knowledge that is given to you and make sure that it’s worth it.


How about you? Do you have any ideas to share? The comment section is pretty welcome for your thoughts!

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How to Make Simple Fashion More Attractive for Women

How to Make Simple Fashion More Attractive for Women

Every one of us has different styles when it comes to fashion. But mind you that beyond simple outfits, we can achieve more sophisticated vogue. Embracing eye-catching forms for naive suits depends on our own approach. Thus, fashion is everywhere and you can have or practice it in your own without experts.

images (1)

Don’t throw away your ideas about fashions because it may lead you into your biggest expectation and desire for yourself. So in order to bring together your trends you can definitely clutch certain items from wholesale urban clothing store, and in any fashion store all over the place.

Now let’s breakdown simple ways to flaunt your charismatic flair turning it a well-   designed clothing. Below are the highlights on how to create elegance within your looks beyond your simplicity:

  1. Simple T-shirt will do!

Even usual short-sleeved casual top can be turned out into a stylish one when you generate your extra-ordinary ideas of designing it. But wait, before you puff your impressions, try to hint possible basis out of it. It could be a style coming from your favorite artist, trendy stuffs nowadays or much better if you create it with you exotic taste for fashion.




Now who says that wearing a stylish shirt is a kind of boring? Perhaps everything that we wear is just about fashion. Let’s just say that in a magical way, your ordinary shirt can be turned out into an extra-ordinary one that is more appealing andinteresting.


  1. Show-off Denims a Fashionable one!

Sometimes wearing  typical jeans is quite wearisome. But take a look into somebody wearing it and situate yourself as you are them, would it be more interesting?

If you look at into the brilliant side of fashion, usual trousers can be transformed  into an interesting and modish design. A design where you can also inspire others to encompass your own view for fashions and imparting it to them.

images (2)

Jeans or Denims are one of the most powerful piece of clothing that you will ever own.

You can also check out some wholesale Antique Rivet jeans for women, which can stretch you more of an idea, what could be used.

What’s good about wearing stylish jeans is that, it can be paired into any other shirts or blouses that made you cooler and simply gorgeous.

Take into a consideration that we are living in the modern world that it could be good if we start fashion trends in our own and through with that, we can also one of the reasons to influence the trends and styles of the next generation.

Whatever your body figure will be or specifically the shape of your legs, just be confident enough, yourself and inspire others with your looks. In short, show what you have that motivate others to do the same.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” — Rachel Zoe

Try to imagine yourself wearing the above- mentioned fad from head to foot, what’s lack about your form?perchance I know it’s already in your mind! Yes you’re right!.. it’s the outer coverings for the feet.

  1. With Matching Foot-wear !




In order to complete your fashion for the day and night, make sure that you are wearing comfortable shoes of foot-wears.

Walking shoes should be lightweight and breathable. The protecting should be thickest in the heel and the shoe should be flexible enough to bend in your hands. There are a lot of styles also when it comes to wearing shoes but try to choose the good one that will fit to your attire that will make you realize that you are not just walking into a world of nothing but you are walking into the world of fashions.

Take note that you can also add on different accessories in order for you to look wee- fabulous and attractive in a simple manner.













Starting Up a Fashion Business Without Acquiring Debts (Or Less)

fashion copy

Creating a fashion business, among others, is a brilliant idea especially if you are passionate about creating a chain of excellent products for your consumers. However, any type of business would mean having enough capital to start up. Sometimes, it happens to become one of the initial hindrances in the process even though you have an idea brewing up in your mind. Say for example, you wanted to invest on having wholesale urban clothing or wholesale street wear business, it would take a lot of research and time for that, not mentioning the funds you need in general. These are just some of the technical factors you have to consider in creating your dream business.


What you need?


You would need to estimate the amount of money that you need to use in order to know what other things you could do in order to acquire enough funds. You might have some money saved but that might not be enough. This is not something to discourage you but these are important things to keep in mind. So as a suggestion, here are a few things to consider in creating that fashion business:


A physical store. Not mentioning the labor that you would need in order to construct your own building. This would also mean having to find the space perfect for your business. It is not an easy fete but you will get by once you know the things that are needs to be focused on.


The importance of having a physical store is for your customers to directly keep in touch with you and see your items if they like them or not. Nothing compares to buying clothes if you were able to try on them and check if they are a good match to you. As an entrepreneur, you would keep in mind your customer’s comfort as well.


An online alternative. Setting up an online alternative for your physical store is also a good option since most people are now hooked up to online shopping or would initially visit your website for immediate updates. This would also be a good move in order to gain followers.


By having a website, this would also be a good use in marketing your business. Meaning, you can attract more customers from your marketing collaterals and may save your company from the budget constraints that you might be facing once you have started the business.


Staff. No matter how small or big your business is, you would need manpower to oversee your business and at the same time, attend to your customer’s needs and requests.


Hire staffers who are honest and polite enough and have customer service ideals. Perhaps you can ask some friends who can help you with finding the right people to man your store. You don’t have to be at the store all the time that is why it is important to have trustworthy people to handle the business for you whenever you are not around.


Customers. They are the reason why you put up a business (aside from the fact that you wanted to venture on the fashion industry, share your knowledge and of course, earn money). Your clients are important in keeping up with your business’s life because without the, who would buy your products?


It is also important to satisfy your client’s needs, that is why proper customer service is a must. You also need to have loyal customers who will continue to patronize you, at the same time, help you survive the business despite the competition that you might be experiencing in the industry.


Got the gist? Therefore, in order for you to be able to survive the business and start it up with the funds that you have (or the ones you will still be acquiring), the abovementioned things are important. Just as important as how you are going to deal with them and turn them into realizations.


By knowing your needs, you would initially know what to do.


What to do?


Again, to make things work, you should know what you need. And if you have already jot down a list of your needs, you would not want to leave them hanging, right? You have to find ways on how to make things work. In short, doing things you ought to do to answer those needs.


Below are some suggested ways for you to be able to gain enough resources and would gain you enough funds or minimize the use of it.


Research. By researching, this would mean knowing your niche market. Research for demographics and other stats that would help you find ways on how you could upscale at the same time, save up from what should not be done. Since you are planning to have a fashion business, keep in mind that there are various markets that you will be stumbling upon with.


To make this easier for you, find a market that would suit to your specialty, say for example you are targeting professional hippies who wear street wear clothes. This would give you an idea of focusing on wholesale urban clothing, wholesale urban jackets, wholesale jeans, wholesale tees and the like.


You should have something unique. This may be quite a tad of difficulty because as we all know, the industry is so tight and the competition is so up to the scale. Yet there are still other variables that you can focus on. You may be selling wholesale street wear yet the items you sell are also one of a kind.


Online marketing can help you do this and doing excellent marketing strategies to prove that you have unique items at hand.


Ask feedback. Feedback is necessary to know if you are keeping up in the game. If you would need to push more or just to keep it steady. This would also mean that you need to know from people with experience how things should be.


Talk to experts. By doing so, it would help you save up much effort and money from doing strategies that can be done alternatively. Ask them things about dealing with money matters and how you could live up with the challenges.


Find Investors. Or business partners. If you are confident enough, you can ask some friends to invest in your company and perhaps, you can run the business hand in hand. This would also open up for more opportunities and ideas in expanding the business in the future.


Study the industry. Continue to study the trends and the updates involving the industry you are in. Be a game changer. Start to learn things by reading magazine, knowing what your competitors are into and how you could up keep with them. By doing so and by acing the game, it would not only save you from such efforts wasted but also, help you save up the money you should be using for other expenditures.


How about you? Do you have any ideas to share? The comment section is welcome for you!

Delighting Your Clients Through Proper Customer Relations

There are instances in your business where demands of clients should be prioritized. You may be dealing with a business in wholesale urban clothing and the like, it is important to keep in mind your clients’ needs. May it be managing their orders, making them as accurate as possible or by simply dealing with them with ease, patience and comfort. Truth be told, in a business, customer needs are the top most priority.



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Why do you need to excel with your customer relations?


It is important to excel in this field because of the following reasons:


  • Clients look for trustworthy retailers/suppliers.


Tell me if I’m wrong but if you buy yourself a pair of jeans, you would likely want to be assisted by those who are in the store and perhaps, give you some tidbits of what looks good or not. After all you are the customer. You buy clothes from them because you trust their brand and perhaps their service too.


To retailers and suppliers, it is your job to make your clients’ experience satisfying and fulfilling. This would not only mean keeping up with their demands but also letting them know how much you care for them by creating a valuable service and customer relations. Clients trust you because, from the first place, they know you can help them with their dilemmas.


  • Clients are keen with easy dealerships and processing.


For entrepreneurs, it is important to make ease at transactions with your clients. Dealing with client orders (especially those who are running online stores), it is important that you deal with your clients properly. They are not only paying for the trust that they have for you as a seller but also, they want proper service from you.


And as a resource, and perhaps, the solution to their problems, you must keep up with them and guide them every step of the way. From purchasing an item to payment terms; shipping, and of course, to the feedback part. It is important to know this portion because it is what runs your business too. As long as your client feedbacks are okay, for sure the business will also flourish.


  • Clients are stakeholders and they have a say with what you are.


Whenever a customer buys things from you or asks for your services, it is important to keep in mind that in way or another, they are your stakeholders. Why? It’s because of the client feedback. This means they have a say about how well your services are. With this, it is clear to say that they have an interest in your products and/or services. If they feel you are doing well with your services and that your products are all right, then it would be good points for you and your business because that would mean more customers and deals and collaborations to come.


  • Clients are brand influencers.


Take for example, when a customer comes into your retail store or visits your shop online, and buys merchandise from you, and they have been satisfied with what they got, eventually they will have the chance to recommend and endorse you and your store to their friends.


Much more effect would come if say for example, a known person gets your attention and likes your products too, and by chance would tweet or make a status out of it on their social media accounts. This would create fuss (and traffic to your site), which happens to become a result from the instant advert. This happens because of the impact that influenced a lot of people through social media and the like.


By knowing what matters, how should you relate to your customers?


This time, ask yourself: how to make that ‘customer relations’ a success? Perhaps there have been various insights that you have researched to enable this goal a notable success. And for the record, the following are the common facts about customers and ways a business must attain to serve the purpose of pursuing that dream that is customer relations.


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  • Anticipate Customer Needs


By anticipating your customers’ needs, it would mean being able to keep ahead of them. Research on what they will need according to what is trending and what their usual demands are. Anticipating is a key for a consistent customer satisfaction because without it, you would not know what to sell in the first place, right?


Putting up a business (say a fashion business) is not only about making and earning money for your self. It would also mean being able to help alleviate your customers’ simple (and often difficult) problems.


  • Be On Their Shoes


Always place yourself in their shoes. This goes hand in hand with anticipating what your clients’ needs are. You may ask questions like, “What can help them improve their lives?” or to be specific (if you are a fashion brand), “What new can I offer my customers?” Think about your competitors too, you can’t control them if they will find more options. In fact, your customers have the say which is which, but if you know what to offer and what would benefit them from choosing you instead of your competitors, then that is a good start.


  • Take A Good Look To What They’re Buying


This would not entirely mean stalking, but make it to a point that you will know what they are interested in. One example of this is when the ‘selfie’ trend boomed. It gave an opportunity for a lot of sellers to take on what their customers want. And so the ‘selfie stick’ emerged. This was a very huge craze as it fits the lifestyle of the many especially that smartphones are hip right now.


From the example, it is important to learn what they are into and perhaps, another idea from what they have right now will emerge. Be innovative and always make your collection interesting.


Creating a feedback or survey would also help to know what they want to expect from you and what they can buy from you since there is already the notion of trust in your relationship.


  • Understand Their Demands


By this, it would mean making an effort to get into the core of their needs. Understanding would not only mean keeping up with them, but also accepting their requests, which can be beneficial to everyone.


Going beyond your limits is also something your customers would be amazed to know about you. This would make the relationship with your customers more intact because simply, they are happy and satisfied customers.


  • Learn With Them


A business has its own set of ways to learn and acquire knowledge and techniques. But what makes it more interesting is that when a business is open to new ideas from their customers. Suggestions are often keys to attaining this goal. Learning from and with your customers is somewhat a healthy practice because it shows that you are a transparent and open-minded business.


However, in a business, there are criticisms that may arise yet make these as opportunities for you to grasp what they are trying to tell you. Make this an advantage for you to improve and never forget thanking them for letting you know. After that and if you have called to their suggestions, perhaps they will be able to see the improvements and ideas that came from them for the betterment of your business.

Tips on How to Work Along with Jeans and Sneakers

Sporting a pair of sneakers and jeans might be a bit odd for some because of its too common look. But this common look also happens to be a comfortable and hip style for its very laid-back approach to dressing up. If you are a person who is into wearing jeans and sneakers but has a dilemma on how to make the look more fascinating, then you have gone to the right place!

There are a lot of very interesting fine brands of sneakers and jeans that are on the market right now and it helps if you know how to match-make these outfits alongside with each other! Here are a few tips on how to achieve a trendy look that you would have always wanted to have.

Pair it with a light button-down top.

This works really well especially that denim jeans always go along with white-collar or light-colored  tops. It can add a refreshing matching look with your jeans because it complements to the color. Most retail stores are keeping up with the demand on bulk jeans stocks because a lot of wholesalers are obliged to follow through the requests of their clients. Wholesale clothing are often stocked by retailers for their customers who are more interested in buying bulk in order to save up more!


When it comes to your shoes, you can pair up your slim-fitting trousers with slip-on sneakers to achieve a slicker, sportier take on menswear.

V-neck shirts. 

One can never go wrong with wearing this simple yet artistic type of tee. It is because V-neck shirts are really in today and can go well with jeans. If you are sporting a simple casual look, go for those V-neck shirts that are plain and comfy. Plain tees may be a bit overrated but these suit in everyone’s style. You can always tweak and add some accessories to make it more interesting. Topping it off with a pair of awesome kicks such as your favorite Converse sneakers and you are ready to go!

Cool designer bags.

This is an awesome accessory to complete your whole style. Bags are one of the best add-ons to ample up your OOTD for the day, not mentioning the sleek design you have to match that eye-catching outfit. They can also go along with your sneakers and jeans, depending on what occasion you are into. Vintage-inspired bags are always in because of its timeless look. You can match it up with vintage-inspired shoes too if you are sporting a gym class look from circa 1975. Pairing it up with more modern pieces of apparels such as button-downs and cuffed denims if you want to keep the throwback feel in check.

Rolled-up cuffs.

These are modish styling of your own clothes by rolling up your cuffs to achieve a more casual and rad look. These are often achieved when you use your boyfriend jeans that are also rolled-up to show a looser look yet allowing room for your sneakers to be visible. Straight jeans are also fine to match with, it totally depends on how you would want to look but what is more important is the comfort that you must have.


Rolled-up cuffs are a basic type of styling, which is commonly done to long sleeved-tops. Men and women who often use this styling approach are more of into the laidback and casual look. To complete the whole style, you can pair it up with your laidback casual sneakers as well.

Stylish sneakers.

There are a few types of sneakers and not just the usual boring ones you commonly see. These kicks are often the sought after pairs next to classic shoes that depicts a fashion statement. Sneakers can be stylish too, you know. Such as wedge sneakers, you can ramp your way out the street in style. Pairing it up with your favorite ripped off jeans or the skinnies, can add to a more distinct chicness. You can have it tucked inside your shoes if you want it to be completely hidden.


Boyfriend jeans. 

These jeans are quite a trend now. Most women are now sporting this kind of denims because of the comfort it gives, not mentioning the easy-to-wear feature it projects. Boyfriend jeans is an emerging trend nowadays and it has been worn by so many, not mentioning the celebrities that prefer this kind of get-up whenever they walk around outside Hollywood. Surely it is a comfort of sorts especially if you match it with sneakers that are also comfortable for you. You can go for Keds, which are totally cute.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.48.14 AM

Often, retail stores are now stocking up with this kind of jeans on wholesale clothing especially if customers are looking for bulk finds.

Blazers can pull it off.

While sporting your very comfy jeans and sneakers, comes a gem that makes the fashion style more gorgeous. Blazers are classic styling outfits that are emerging again, on top of those basic clothes you have, like a plain shirt. It adds a more distinct punch on your style. You may have a simple dress under but blazers can pull it off, if you add it up on your list.


These tweaklings are perfect for outfits that lack details on them, such as a necklace or a set of armparty bands to jazz it up. Accessories like belts can also add frills to your get-up, which transforms it into a more hip style.

Eye-catching accessories can make a very strong style statement. Even just a watch, a scarf or a hat, it can totally make an outfit more fabulous. By all means, try to sport many accessories and maximize your styling preferences. As much as possible, make it to a point that your accessories also match your kicks so as not to ruin your OOTD. Of course, you can play along with anything, mix and match stuff and see if it looks good. There is nothing wrong with experimenting. It really is up to you whether you want to keep it toned down or you want to go more.


Leather jacket.

These are just like cardigans and blazers. But the difference is that leather jackets appeal to have a more rockstar-ish look, as what people think it is. Sporting leather jackets over sneaks and a pair of jeans is fine; just make sure not to overdo it. Best jeans that match up with this are ripped off denims.

Among other things, there are still loads of style approaches everyone encounters and are into experimentation. Aside from up keeping fashion, make sure that you are comfortable with what you are wearing to avoid wardrobe malfunctions.

Traveling In Style

If preparing for a trip is like a doomsday to you, hold up and never fear. We do not want you to be stressed out even before you start your weekend getaway, so we will be giving you some tips on how traveling in style can be so easy. Who says you can’t go places fashionably?

Traveling is always a pleasure everyone is meaning to do. And by this, it means one should savor the moment with more fun and less hassle. So then, let us start with making yourself comfortable and relaxed from knowing these simple yet helpful ideas about traveling and doing it with style.

Use a stylish luggage or designer travel bags.
More often than not, some of us will be traveling with a luggage at hand with almost everything and anything that we needed in it. Some of them may even vary in size depending on how long you will be traveling. What you can do before packing is to consider the length of your travel with the things you are going to need and how big of a luggage you will use for the whole trip.

Travel style tip: Choose a luggage that you think would reflect your personality considering the type of trip you would be in. You can even use a handbag if you prefer to match it with your classy outfit, but make sure to choose one that fits your style and the comfort you can get from it.

Use a comfy top that would allow you to move around freely.
Whenever ye travel, you often feel the discomfort from the clothes that we wear. Of course, it is a must that you wear something according to the activity, and that is you traveling and moving around. This also depends on the weather in time for your travels, which is to be considered.

Travel style tip: You can use fresh looking outfits such as tank tops in time for summer, or a plain V-neck shirt along with a blazer to match with. Men can also go with leather jackets as long as they fit. You can also look on some street wear from wholesale urban clothing if you want to go on some street adventures on the destination of your choice.



Jeans and shorts can come in handy.
Yes it is a fact. Wearing jeans and shorts can give you the comfort of roaming around the streets and at the same time can never go out of style, once you just know how to work with it. These outfits are among the best traveling companions you can have.

Travel style tip: Wear jeans and match it with a comfortable top. Denim shorts for women are also a go-to look, as well as comfortable cargo pants for men, topped with your favorite comfortable shirt if you sport a casual wear.

Shoes can take you places and can give you an impression.
“Give a girl the right shoe, and she can conquer the world.” Which is a fact since your footwear can also say anything about you. Of course, who would want to use a shoe that would not even fit them? Even Cinderella’s glass shoe mattered.

Travel style tip: As for women, you can go with stylish loafers to match your outfit, or even stylish sandals to go with. Men can also go with loafers if they want something classy to match with. But some men and women prefer kicks that show their personality while traveling but still not going out of style. One example is urban street shoes such as Zoo York, or sneakers if you prefer having these on your list as well.

Wearing a scarf can be a classy look too.
Scarves have been trending nowadays to complete a look of a chic and hip style.  These are not only used to protect your neck from cold, or as towel or a cover but scarves are now used to add an accent to your outfit. It can also help spruce a suffering wardrobe.


Travel style tip: Match a scarf to a plain top or with a similar tone of colors to add layer on your getup. You can also play along on how you tie the scarf around you, which will add creativity on your outfit of the day.

Hats can add a distinct look on your whole outfit.
Wandering around the streets, finding more adventures to do or a place to eat under the scorching heat of the sun is such a nightmare for your hair. While traveling, you can make use of hats to protect you from the heat but can also add a classy look to your outfit.

Travel style tip: Women can use summer hats to match with their dresses or just to add a style to your usual look. It may be simple but at least there is something that accentuates your whole outfit. As for men, fedoras are okay but don’t over do it. Sometimes these headgears are occasionally used for men who know how to wear them.

Sunglasses can complete the whole get up.


Not just to protect your eyes from the burning heat of the sun and its rays, sunglasses are now used to accentuate a getup by matching it with what you wear. Shades also come in various different shapes, which are tricky if you do not know which one to use.

Travel style tip: Match your look with sunglasses that is simple, yet stunning. Sunglasses also matter on the activity you are going to do, if you are in the beach, or hiking or are just wandering around the streets. It is nice to accentuate your outfit with these trusty gears to pair with from the outfit you desire for that day.

Gadgets can entertain you while on the way to your destination.

While traveling, some of us might want some entertainment, which is something popular among the people who are traveling these days. You cannot forget bringing your iPod around to listen to music, won’t you?

Travel style tip: Our gadgets should also match the activities that we are in, and this time, traveling. You can add an accent to your gadgets by personalizing its look, such as having a nice cover or case to protect it

Make-up can save the day.

For most women, traveling should also mean having a refreshing look. Which means having a handy dandy make-up kit is quite a must to bring. No matter where you are, what you do or whom you are with, it is important to still look fresh and relaxed despite the hours of spending your time traveling around.

Travel style tip: Try a fresh looking set of make-up. Use fresh looking colors that would suit your outfit as well, such as beige or natural to complete a simple yet unwary look. To top it off, use a blush that would add an accent to your cheeks, eye shadows to appealing eyes and mascara to win it. Always aim for a bright and simple look that would fit the features of your face and also your outfit to cap off the day.