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Clothes Shopping Guide: What Clothes Should You Splurge On?

“It is better to have fewer things of quality than too much expendable junk.” -Rachel Zoe
“To me, clothing is a form of self-expression–there are hints about who you are in what you wear.” -Marc Jacobs



One of the perks and greatest things about being a fashion forward individual is the inevitability of clothes shopping. Careening in between racks and stacks of various clothing, selecting which ones that would complement your skin tone and flatter your figure most is nothing short of exhilarating for those of us who have a strong affinity for fashion and a penchant for clothes. However, even our predilection for style needs a discerning eye–after all, how else would you know which sartorial items to splurge and save on? Even style connoisseurs and fashionistas are not proof to buying unnecessary clothing items that would only end up clogging up their closets. While this fashion affliction is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be when your clothing of choice are premier brands that do not see the light of day more than once a year. If you have particularly expensive tastes in clothes, it would be all for naught if you do not even get to use them as much anyhow or would find them outdated after a few rotations of use. The occasional splurge on a clothing item for one event may not be as damaging on the surface, but in order to get the best value for your buck, make sure it is something you can use again and again.

The key to having fashionable clothes you without depleting your financial resources is to be meticulous about which clothes you should be splurging on. It matters not whether you are routinely shopping for wholesale clothing or retail, if you have the right idea which sartorial items to indulge yourself in and which ones you should scrimp on, you will not only have a better closet but a healthier wallet as well.


You might be thinking, “Why would I spend so much money on something that stays concealed all day? What is the point?”. Well, the point here is that a good set of undergarments would make the best foundation of your clothes. If you invested in bras that fit and give you full support, form-fitting dresses and clothes would flatter you so much better without so much as showing a little bump here and there. Apart from that, bras would be something you wear every single day as they shape and make your clothing look even better. Lastly, as bras are something you should hand wash, you can assure yourself that it would last you a long time.


Fashionistas love variety–even if it means just different colors of basically the same articles of clothing. V-neck shirts? Fifteen of that in various colors and three shades of blue. Round Necks? Take seven of that. While the wide assortment of clothing looks excellent on the surface, you would not necessarily go all year long just wearing T-shirts of varying styles and colors (unless that is your style and is a personal statement). If you buy expensive T-shirts and if those are something you regularly wear, chances are you would wear them out easily. Buying a whole lot of them would not bode you well either seeing as you would not be wearing them every single day as we have stated above. Instead, the wisest alternative is to be smart when it comes to shopping for them. Prioritize comfort over style as T-shirts can easily be layered over. Choose soft cotton and bamboo ones which you can readily find in most stores.


There is nothing more fulfilling than having an excellent pair of jeans that fits you well and would last you for years when it comes to fashion. If you find a pair that fits you well and accentuates your curves, buy it–even if it would cost you a bit more than necessary. After all, you can wear this pair forever so the exorbitant price tag is just a minor setback. Remember that when shopping for jeans, choose something classic and do not go for trends that might become obsolete after a number of years or so. Additionally, consider the quality of the fabric as it does matter and would really make a difference. Take note, a pricey pair of stylish jeans might hurt your pockets but it can timelessly elevate your style–no matter the fashion era.


Blazers are incredibly versatile and are not solely used for corporate fashion. Considering that they can complete almost any outfit and give any ensemble an immediate touch of class with its addition, it would be wise to invest in an excellent blazer regardless of its price tag. Additionally, it would be hard to come across blazers that are of quality and are affordable. So, if your pockets permit it, get yourself one as it can be worn with practically anything in your wardrobe and would work whether you are at work or for a casual stroll.


That long evening gown might look amazing on you, but is it really worth forking over thousands of dollars if you are just going to be wearing it for one night? Unless you are frequently attending formal events, do not go overboard when trying to find an appropriate garb. Choose something that is stylish but not as expensive and just complement it with accessories. Apart from that, a cocktail dress can drastically look different depending on how you accessorize and dress it up.


There is really no point in rotating the same number of pieces over and over again until you tire of them which is what would likely happen if you only invest in expensive office wear. Unless you are working at the very top of the corporate ladder, it is best to save on office and corporate wear. After all, it is a lot more fun to wear different and stylish affordable pieces than suffer through just a number of work outfits which would easily get old.


This is a matter of personal choice, so it would depend on you. If you love changing up your look a bit more often than usual, it is best to invest in a lot of fabulous accessories that would not hurt your pocket. However, if you are satisfied with one statement necklace, a few bangles here and there, then maybe spending a little more on the classics would be more of your speed.



All in all, when it comes to choosing which sartorial items to splurge and save on, considering which ones would last you a lifetime, are of good quality, you would regularly use are key. Remember, you would not want buyer’s remorse on top of the regrets you will have from filling your closet with items you would barely use.

Fashion 101: Seven Must-Know Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss!

“Clothes are not going to change the world. The women who wear them will.” –Anne Klein

“Over the years, I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.” –Yves Saint Laurent

Almost every woman of any age has gone through the quintessential scenario of sifting through piles and piles of clothing without finding a single one that would complete her style ensemble. Magazines have proffered countless pieces of fashion advice and style maxims over the years, yet women all over the world still experience this style predicament. Although this is the kind of fashion affliction most women are more familiar and can contend with, it does not necessarily have to put a damper on your enthusiasm for dressing up. All of your fashion endeavors would be a lot easier if you took to heart some of the niftiest fashion tips engendered by style pundits and authorities this article has collated. It matters not whether your clothes are bought from retail or wholesale clothing stores, these tips will allow you to look your very best for any occasion there is. These tips will work for any woman out there; just adjust according to your preference or personal style.

1.) Old things must go

If you want to commit to making a conscious fashion change, then this is where you should appropriately start. Without a doubt, over the years you would inevitably have accumulated a lot of clothes whether through one of your shopping excursions or as closet loans from your friends. Start by opening your closets and take a good hard look at it and then, ask yourself this pivotal question, “If I were in a clothing store right now, which items would I pick?” By asking yourself this question, you would effectively know which clothes you would keep and which ones to discard. Remember, if you do not want to take a long while to decide on a style ensemble, your closet needs to be smartly organized—and hoarding clothes would only aggravate your existing problem.

2.) Shop with a plan

Certain events of the year will compel us to shop for new clothes. However, this should be no reason for you to eschew good shopping strategies and plans altogether. Regardless of whether you are attending your office Christmas party, are attending a formal event or are about to get married, it is important to consider preparing for the right outfit. In order to be truly satisfied with your choice, go shopping with the hairstyle, makeup and shoes you have in mind to go with the ensemble as it would make you see the entire effect. Lastly, it pays to wear the appropriate underwear as you would not want to dismiss a dress that looks good but shows a visible panty line.

3.) Painlessly stretch your new shoes

One of the negative aspects of buying new shoes is that a new pair would always seemingly cause you to develop calluses over time. A pair of high heels is especially notorious for causing this which can be quite a hassle if your job requires you to dress in heels most of the time. There are various workarounds to address this dilemma; however one of the most effective ones that truly deliver results utilizes a freezer. Just fill a couple of bags with water, place them in your shoes and leave them in the freezer to stay overnight. By morning, you will notice a significant difference in your shoes.

4.) Dress up any outfit in seconds

More often than not, there are days when we do not have the luxury of time in dressing ourselves for a certain occasion. As this is a common occurrence, it would be apt for one to use any kind of tricks and tips or even one’s ingenious creativity to dress up a rather simple ensemble quickly. Some of the most elegant touches would only require the addition of accessories such as a bow tie which would work with almost anything, a sophisticated and elegant belt finished off with some classy jewelry. If you do not have heels, dress up your simple flats with clip on earrings.

5.) There are rules in showing skin

When it comes to baring skin, certain fashion rules must be observed. But if there is one rule you must absolutely not forget, it is to remember than in showing skin; you should bare skin only in one area at a time. This is so you do not appear as if you are trying too hard as well as not to offend the sensibilities of onlookers. As an example, whenever you are wearing a number that would show a generous amount of cleavage, make sure it leaves your legs covered. Remember, one’s degree of nakedness is never a standard of measure for attractiveness. A little bit of mystery adds drama and flair after all.

6.) Deodorant and makeup stains are a no-no

Some of your clothes will inevitably fall victim to either deodorant or make-up stains. These stains are incredibly difficult to wash and are pretty unattractive which makes it a bit of a damper when they get on our favorite clothes. No matter how meticulous we are in avoiding them, they still have the tendency to appear. To make sure that you would not have to chuck all of the clothing items you have with these stains, were the stained party with warm water or dampen the garment in water with some detergent. If a stain is particularly new, it will come off easily with baby wipes on oil base.

7.) A fun night out starts with a comfortable outfit

You may want to look alluring, sophisticated and elegant but if you are spending every half an hour trying to fix the hem of your skirt or tugging your blouse down, then chances are you are not going to have much fun at all. Even for a Friday night out, it is important to wear clothes that you are comfortable with. Sure, you may want to rock a pair of heels for the night but do make sure you have brought a backup pair of flats in case your feet gets tired. Additionally, make sure all of your clothing items fit you well so that nothing would slip out and lastly, walk around in them, dance with them and if it makes you feel great without compromising your comfort, go for it.
Selecting, shopping for and wearing clothes remain to be some of the women’s beloved hobbies. So, these tips above are sure to come in handy for the fashionista in them. Keep this in mind for a more stress and hassle-free fashion excursion.


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 Reasons You Have Too Many Clothes but Barely Anything to Wear


“Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity. Everybody is buying far too many clothes” Vivienne Westwood

They say a girl can never have too many clothes, but while this is true, it is not necessarily advantageous for assembling a stylish or even just a presentable ensemble. Your wardrobe might look enviable from another woman’s standpoint seeing as it is packed with clothes of almost every style and brand—whether they are retail or, wholesale clothing bought. But this is not necessarily a good thing. In most cases, women would often find their closets filled to the brim with various clothes and diverse styles, and yet for the life of them, they could not find a single piece to wear. Quite the fashion paradox women find themselves in wherein the biggest irony lies in possessing too many clothes yet stuck in a style affliction of having barely anything to wear. This scenario may sound grossly absurd, but at one point in your life, you are sure to have experienced this fashion predicament.

There may be a lot of factors contributing to this fashion dilemma, and the reasons may range from hoarding too many of the same styles of clothes to purely just loving clothes shopping for the heck of it. This article explores the various explanations as to why you may have a lot of clothes yet none to wear, and if you find yourself in the same situation, you might want to take a gander at the reasons offered below.


1.)    You love to shop

Though shopping for clothes is not exactly a bad thing, it is certainly one way to occupy the limited space you have in your closet. Although you might love diverse outfits and creating various beautiful outfits, the biggest problem you might have is not having enough days of the week (or in some cases, the month) to wear them in rotation. While this may be advantageous for so many women (just think of the variety!), it is inevitable that there will be select pieces that you would favor above the rest. And when this happens, you would inadvertently wear them more often than the rest leaving some of your clothes lying in your closet until a certain time that they would no longer be trendy anymore. Pare the clothes in your closet, and you may find that you would not only be freeing up a lot of space, but you would actually get to see and wear most of the clothes you have bought.


2.)    The clothes no longer fit

One consequence of having too many clothes in your closet is that some items are bound to be two sizes too small or would be ill-fitting on you after a while. Chances are some of these items are clothes you have never gotten around to wearing. Whether you have gained a bit of weight or bought it in a smaller size in hopes of finding inspiration to lose weight, the reality in clinging to these items you are wasting precious closet space and still end up having nothing to wear. If your clothes no longer fit you, either donate them or stow them away until a certain time that you have lost enough weight to wear them again.


3.)    You have never thrown anything out in years

Whether your reasons are sentimental (This black number was what I wore during our first date!) or something else, there is no reason for your clothes to occupy so much space in your closet when you are not even wearing them anymore. Some of these may be a bit pricey considering their brand label, but if it is not doing anything aside from being an immovable piece in your closet, you are better off selling it and buying yourself a new set of clothes—one that you would potentially wear.


4.)    You do not throw something because “It is a classic.”

While some styles have surpassed the test of time, you can only have so many of these items before you start to realize that you are practically piling your closet with the same types of clothes. Herve Leger bandage dresses are one thing, but even little black dresses or something as basic as denim jeans would go through style changes as time passes. And before you know it? You are stuck with five to six black dresses that are outdated or elephant denim pants no one would wear today. Diversity and variety are excellent aspects when it comes to great style, but you would not want diversity on just one particular sartorial item alone.


5.)    You have kept all of your favorite clothes

Everyone has a favorite piece or number in their closet—one that they would hold on to through time regardless of how dated, old and tatty they may be. Some of them may no longer even fit you, and as a consequence, you have not worn them for years. This may not pose such a big problem if you are only keeping one or a couple of your favorite clothes, but if they are overwhelming the space in your closet, it might be time to let them go. You are no longer wearing them anyhow, so might as well use the space it vacated for brand new clothes.


6.)    Give-Away and hand-me-downs

Free clothes—regardless of whether they were used or brand new would always find home in our closets. However, for them to deserve that precious space, they need to work for you—like truly work for you. When it comes to free clothes, we are hardly discriminating—after all, you have not spent money on it, so you cannot afford to be picky. However, before you even consider on keeping and wearing it, do ask yourself if the color complements your skin tone if it fits and looks great on you (and if not, if it could be tailored) and if you have anything in your closet to complete the outfit. If you answered in the negative in any of those questions, then perhaps it is better to decline the offer.


7.)    It was expensive

More often than not, the reason we keep ourselves from throwing something out is the hefty price tag that was attached to the clothes. It does not matter whether the fashion piece is outdated, ill-fitting or even garish, if we spent good money on it, we are not as receptive in letting go. Instead of hanging on to it, let it serve as a lesson to be more discreet when it comes to your purchases. Once you have a better comprehension of what a great outfit ensemble is, you would be more meticulous when it comes to your purchases and hopefully no longer spend quite a lot on something that you might never wear.



Having way too many clothes in a small closet is one of the many fashion dilemmas plaguing women who love clothes. This does not mean that nothing can be done about it, however. Keep in mind that sometimes less is more. Assess your closets and come up with a good fashion compromise. Ultimately, you would have to let some things go, but at the end of the day, you would be more than happy to know that you may have reduced the items in your wardrobe, but you definitely have widened your ensemble selections.


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Fashion Blogging: Tips and Techniques to Make It as a Fashion Blogger


“You are considered superficial and silly if you are interested in fashion…but I think you can be substantial and still be interested in frivolity.” –Sophia Coppola (American Screenwriter)


In the modern world where technology’s evolution has rendered most avenues for information relay obsolete, social media remains as the authoritative locus for various materials of wide-ranging subjects. Undoubtedly, this would include the most compelling tips and techniques when it comes to style advice and fashion ensembles. If you are in the industry (and are quite the savvy industrialist) you would realize that there is so much potential in this medium of showcasing style ensembles and fashion information relay. In fact, you can bank on it and exploit to its fullest potential and even make money off of it—if you are creative enough to attempt it. Although you would inevitably have a lot of competition when it comes to this aspect in the fashion industry, this would not mean that your endeavor would be all for naught. However, you do need a good ounce of diligence and a streak of persistence in order for you to be successful.

Perseverance is key as it is unlikely that your blog and your following would thrive instantly (unless you are extremely lucky or are already well-known to begin with). Another thing to take note of is to make sure you have something new to offer or have a personal style which you can exhibit in your blog entries. Considering that the fashion blogging world is fast-paced and highly competitive, coming up with fresh content and ideas is of paramount interest, so make sure to take note of that too. Other than that, here are more various tips that would help you launch a successful fashion and style blog.

 Ask yourself: How is my blog going to be different from anyone or everyone else’s?

Fashion blogging is a competitive niche and it seems like anyone can just right on with it from the get-go. This is because fashion blogging can easily be achieved with a noteworthy Instagram spread (with a few choice outfits and ensembles taken) and a handful of followers which can potentially be increased. These individuals are known to be style-influencers, but this is just one aspect of the expansive niche in fashion blogging. If choosing style ensembles and taking photos of them is not your thing, you can start your own wordpress or Tumblr website and offer fashion articles that guidelines style suggestions. You could do a blog showcasing the various ways wholesale clothing is different from retail clothes and the like. What is important is that your blog should be different and in a sense should stand on. Before starting, it is a good idea to think of a compelling reason why readers and followers should follow your blog instead of another’s. From there, you can start the initial process of crafting your blog.

 Know your audience and how they interact with you

The key to maintaining a steady increase of followers is to know what your audiences exactly want. You can find out what your audiences want by how they interact with you and your posts. Provide an avenue for audience interaction by adding an online medium for comments and feedback. Do not just stop there–have an active ear when it comes to listening to them then consider and take note of their feedback. Remember never to lose sight of why you blogged and why people follow you—no matter how successful you become. Remember the people’s opinion would leverage and determine on how successful your blog will become, so it would greatly benefit you if you had a good relationship with your audience.  Understand your analytics, know what your audience wants and who you are talking to and regularly cater to that.

 Utilize Instagram’s potential

Social media plays a pivotal role in promoting your fashion blogs and Instagram is the perfect avenue for showing a little snippet of what your blog will be about in the form of a photo. Additionally, Instagram is also an excellent catalyst for increasing followers. This is especially true for novice style bloggers who are still trying to build their brand or those who are just still starting out. It can compound your blogs success or drive it to draw more attention. Most fashion blogs today rarely contain any articles and if they do, they would mostly be dominated with photos. Pictures say a thousand words after all, and when it comes to fashion and style, the more visual your post is, the more attention it would be getting. Apart from that, you can utilize Instagram to discover new blogs and fashion inspiration as well as it can be another great channel for interacting with your audience.

 Produce high-quality content

One excellent and effective way to generate traffic is to consistently produce high-quality content. Regardless of what niche you are blogging for or what social network you are using, riveting and compelling content drives people to your blog and would potentially increase the number of followers you have. When you are starting out, remember that quality beats quantity. You may not have that many posts, but if you offer something worthwhile and useful, you would eventually build your brand. Focus on your content and gradually and consistently post new and fresh content. Let your content speak for itself and the rest will follow.

 Let your personality shine

Just like how you choose your clothes, it is important to give your blog a touch of personality. Personality is an integral aspect when it comes to fashion blogging as it is essentially what sets you apart from other bloggers. In a way, it is how you give your blog character and differentiation. Do not do what everyone else is doing and definitely do not try to be something you think everyone wants you to be. It may come off as cliché, but be genuine.

 Plan and set goals

Like everything other blogging platform and niche, success in blogging requires you to have a blueprint of your plans and goals. This will serve as the guidelines for formulating the logistics of what your fashion blog posts will be and what your photos would look like. Know what you want to achieve by the end of a chosen timeframe and set plans according to those goals. Remember to set realistic goals and always keep in mind to have a schedule when it comes to publishing posts. Remember consistency is key, and you want to keep your readers hooked so it is fundamental to create a publishing calendar to make sure your followers and readers would not easily lose interest.


Fashion blogging has certainly helped redefine the world of fashion and personal style in ways that designers, publications and retailers never have. This certainly means that bloggers have something to offer in terms of creativity and fashion-forward thinking. So, if you are thinking of starting your own fashion and style blog, just consider the tips above and you will be on the road to fashion blogging success in no time!

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Fashion 101: All about Leggings!

“Fashion as we used to know it, does not exist. The dress as we know it today—it is dead. The dress has become so short; it is really a tunic worn with leggings. Fashion is a fantasy; it is a child’s game. Now, I am going to be this, and then I am going to be something else.” Rudi Gernreich

There is no other apparel that is more coveted nor more controversial than the ever-prevalent leggings. Indeed, this adaptable fashion-piece has become more than just a fad and a seasonal trend. Over the years, it has reigned supreme and has cemented its rightful claim as a permanent staple in every woman’s closet. What used to be an article of clothing worn exclusively inside the confines of a gym room, or a standard yoga or Zumba session, has now evolved into a fashionable piece one can wear to the streets—or in some cases, even the office.

This form-fitting and elastic versatile piece of garment has been almost every woman’s go-to pair for whether she is in a rush or when she prioritizes comfort over style. This is not to say that leggings can never be stylish, as in innumerable ways, the potential of a pair of leggings is practically limitless. Indeed, a pair of leggings has been the epitome of stylish comfort when it comes to modern fashion and pulling off just the right look without looking a tad bit too basic, nor too deliberate, is an art. Whether your choice of leggings came from a wholesale clothing store or a brand retailer, it is paramount to come up ways to make it look fresh and exciting. So, as an ode to this incredible fashion piece, this article is solely dedicated to the ways every type of woman can dress it up.

1.) How to wear leggings when you are plus-sized?

One aspect that should be incredibly important when it comes to plus-size leggings, is to find and choose the correct size, so as not to appear as if you are bursting at the seams. Regardless of whether you are plus-sized or not, a squeezed in look is never a great look for anyone. Choose the right size and make sure they fit you just right and that they are not too snug. An excellent indicator for this is to make sure that when you have pulled them over your leg, they do not result in creating a muffin top in your midsection. True enough, leggings may give you the appearance of looking more svelte, but sporting a straining paunch will certainly give that away.

2.) How to wear leggings to look stylish?

It has been said that in no case should your leggings serve as an alternative to your pair of trousers. But, creating a look where your pair of leggings would be used as the unifying element of your ensemble or as the finishing touch certainly gives your outfit a touch of class. Leggings would reveal all the curves of your legs, making it the best supportive element for the rest of your clothes rather than as the main garment. Choose a long stylish tunic or a short dress and wear it over your favorite pair of leggings. The effect you will create is both classic and sophisticated.

3.) What should you never wear with leggings when you are over forty?

Typically, it is not a good idea to wear leggings with cropped tops or tight fitting tops unless you want to look like you are heading out for a workout session, although younger women can pull it off and tend to get away with it. But as you age, it seems a lot less likely that you still can unless you have retained the same body figure you had twenty years ago. When you are over forty, things that you should never wear with leggings are tops that are higher than mid-thigh, tops that are too tight, leggings with animal prints or disco fabrics. Consider that the classier your top is, the more sophisticated your ensemble would look.

4.) What is the ideal length of leggings?

An excellent choice of length for leggings is a full-length pair of one. This pair creates the illusion of elongated and slimmer legs. Another great style would be ankle high leggings which create a sexy and classy look when they are paired with booties or heels. Short and rotund girls should be careful when wearing mid-calf and short leggings as these can make you appear smaller or rounder is some cases. Regardless, you can create a great look with leggings by using asymmetrical tops and various tunics of different fabrics. Do not forget to appropriately finish the outfit with the right pair of shoes to create a voguish look.

5.) Which shoes go with what leggings?

Ideally, a pair of shoes that are more or less of the same color as your leggings is a perfect choice. This will achieve the effect of elongating your legs even further. Likewise, flat boots, short booties, and even ballet flats would look superb when paired with leggings. Be careful when pairing stilettos or incredibly high boots, though. You would want to achieve a tasteful and elegant look so be careful that you choose appropriate high boots or stilettos that are not trashy.

6.) What about jeggings and skinny jeans?

Generally, a pair of jeggings or skinny jeans fall in the same family as your pair of leggings, so roughly the same rules should apply. However, with skinny jeans and jeggings, you can pull off a look that incorporates a shorter top than the one you would use for your leggings. Jeggings and skinny jeans are roomier and a bit thicker than leggings, so you do not run the risk of showing any visible panty lines.

7.) Can I wear tights instead of leggings?

In no circumstance should you wear tights in lieu of leggings. Tights, no matter how close they resemble leggings, are absolutely no substitute for a pair of leggings. Tights tend to be a bit sheer, and under bright light, they would not only show your panty line but your panties itself. Make sure never to commit this cardinal fashion faux pas and wear tights only when you have a long dress over them.


Leggings are indeed, a versatile addition to the modern fashion world. With this staple fashion piece, a lot of looks can be achieved from classy, trendy to casual and comfortable. Experiment with different looks utilizing some of the techniques and tips stated above, and you might just be able to find your signature look.


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Fashion 101: The Art and Rule of Power Dressing

“Unlike art, the consumption of fashion is not based primarily on knowledge or education, but functions through visual awareness, a type of sensuality and perception of the corporeal self.” –Valerie Steele

It has been said that there is a subtle art involved in power dressing. In fact, there is something admirable about individuals who have an excellent command over their clothes and who can look effortlessly in-control—a skill which not everyone possesses. In something as nondescript like choosing what we wear, we are unconsciously selecting for the appropriate apparel that represents us best. Though a lot of individuals would rather forego the entire painstaking process of selecting the best ensemble, they might want to rethink this if they are banking towards a promotion or might be aiming for a higher position. After all, power dressing is your greatest combat gear in your trip to the top—at least according to Valerie Steele. It might go unnoticed, but there is a subtle power in clothes in such a way that how you wear them would make someone take you seriously.

Though something as uninteresting as choosing what you wear should be unruffled, how you represent yourself to your colleagues, to your superiors and others should be deliberate. And there lies the unmistakable influence of a polished set of clothes. However, just like in any area of dressing up, power dressing has its set of rules, and if you want your clothes to convey the right message, then it is best if you had an awareness of what these rules are.


A Burberry scarf, wholesale Steve Madden shoes, a coat from Versace plus a pair of sunglasses on Chanel—all these in one ensemble might be a little too much. You want to make an impression without appearing flashy; you want to look sophisticated but not high-maintenance Dressing yourself from head to toe in designer labels screams for attention and not the right kind. Additionally, it can get a tad bit too tacky if you armed yourself to the teeth with all kinds of designer ornaments. Remember that when it comes to power dressing, you should not let the clothes define you and when you garb yourself in gaudy designer items, you would not be taken seriously. They will remember what you wear that is for sure, but they would rarely remember the person behind the Balenciaga outfit.


It is great to have an updated and polished look. Most fashion forward individuals would want to appear at the moment and current, but it is a mistake to always follow trends. Power dressing is all about setting yourself apart and standing out from the crowd. Your look should not only be sophisticated and refined, but it should convey an image of freshness and effortlessness. In a way, it should not look too deliberate that you would look like you spent a considerable amount of time in trying to find the best outfit. Trends, for the most part, are okay, so long as they are done tastefully. Just like designer brands, apply them minimally and do not dress yourself entirely in trends.


Even nice and expensive clothes date and date. If there is an imperative quality to your clothes and a must when it comes to power dressing, it is that your clothes should be groomed and kept. Should certain attachments such as buttons are missing, make sure they are remedied right away and if a specific garment is starting to wear thin, then it might be time to change it. Your clothing has a lot to do with your professional image and people surrounding you will inevitably associate it with your work ethic and your state of mind. Pay extra attention to the state of your garments and know when they are starting to look shabby and worn, as it might mean you would need to update your wardrobe.


You, and not your ensemble, should be first and foremost be clean. But as an extension of yourself, your clothes should always appear fresh and clean. Your crisp white polo button-down blouse should be free of coffee stains and yellow underarm stains, your black skirt and matching blazer should be washed and pressed. Sometimes, it is not much of what you are wearing, but how you are wearing them. Remember that unkempt clothing and appearance would also suggest laziness and sloppiness—two characteristics your colleagues and your superiors would not want in an employee. Bear in mind that a clean body image will ultimately translate to a fresh and clean professional image. If this is how you want to be perceived, then make a conscious effort to appear so.


Like all other aspects of fashion, you should be true to yourself—and power dressing is no exception. People do not only differ in appearance but personalities as well. It is because of this that they form a particular affinity towards an outfit while some do not. However, you piece an outfit together depends on what you favor and what you cannot stand. This can be achieved even if you are power dressing. Regardless of whether you are trying to look classy and sophisticated or casual and relaxed, the key thing you should remember is not to try but just do. You do not have to be overly stuffy if you want a look that looks low-maintenance. Let your personal style shine through even when your power dressing and make whatever you are wearing work for you.


Power dressing may seem like a complicated business to individuals who would rather want an unruffled process when it comes to dressing themselves. But remember when it comes to representing yourself, you cannot underestimate the power of an excellent ensemble and besides, there are ways of making sure that the way you dress still retains your personal style—even if you are power dressing.


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 Fashion Photography: Seven Fatal Mistakes that Keep You from Making a Sale

“Fashion is a statement, not a style. Fashion does not have to be worn casually, nor outside the runway. Fashion is fit for all sizes, for all people of all ages. Fashion is an art of personal self-expression, not an excuse to be pretty, popular and charismatic.” – Author Unknown


As the world of the Internet and social media continues to evolve, the methods of clothes shopping have become more refined and in other ways, more diverse. Today, by simply making a page on Facebook or an Instagram account, you can immediately sell your clothes online for everyone to see without having to pay a cent for its promotion. Ever since the advent of this method of shopping, advertising your sartorial items and products has been somewhat of a stiff competition—regardless of whether your items are preloved (slang for used by the one selling them) or brand-new. And considering that the premium for selling your stuff online—especially on social media is practically nonexistent, it is inevitable that a lot of individuals would jump the bandwagon and start a business which they can do effortlessly anywhere in the world via a smartphone. Making a sale would depend on many various factors such as the number of followers you have, the quality of products you are offering, the prices you have in comparison to competitors and last and definitely the most vital of all, the way you photograph your items for sale .

Remember that when it comes to online selling, product photos are literally the only basis your prospective buyers have. Unlike in a physical retail store where customers are free to fit and feel a product before buying, no such thing exists for its online counterpart. For this reason, product photos may make or break a sale. With this in mind, it is imperative that you take only the best photos, but if you are new to the online industry or may be blissfully unaware, you may be committing fatal mistakes that are keeping you from making a sale. Here are the most common errors one can do in taking photographs of sartorial items whether wholesale clothing or retail.


1.)    Not preparing the garment

Like any product you intend to sell, the clothes you should have up for sale should look its best—worthy of showcasing to customers. By this, it would mean that the clothes would need to be washed, pressed and free of stain and wrinkles. Making sure that clothes are presentable should be a perfunctory practice when it comes to photographing clothes yet surprisingly, many sellers would overlook this aspect. Remember that Photoshop can only take you so far and would take years to master. So, with this in mind, it is best to rely on a good and presentable raw product rather than having to edit out imperfections later.


2.)    Not utilizing a mannequin or a live model

Compare a photo of a piece of clothing laden out in a flat surface to one that is worn by a mannequin or a live model. The comparison would immediately tell you which one looks better. Having a mannequin or a live model wear the products you are showcase would convey the shape your clothing products have (whether they are blousey, tapered or snugly fit).The thing with laying it out on a flat surface is that it makes prospective buyers skeptical. Sure, it looks great flat, but how well would that translate when it is already worn? Having a live model wear the clothes allows your products to come to life and would inspire customers to visualize how they would look like wearing it.


3.)    Not providing enough imagery

As your photos are the only way you can exhibit your sartorial products, it is only logical that you would post as many product photos as you can. And yet, most online sellers would neglect this with the assumption that two or three photos would suffice. Providing potential customers with a lot of photos from a myriad of angles would help them visualize better. Remember, your pictures are vital to what makes a product sell, so make sure you compensate for the lacking physical aspect of your product well.


4.)    Not enough lighting

Think of your sartorial products as models and stage them in a way as you would models. Remember that in photography; lighting is a crucial concept, and it makes the difference between a good photo and a bad one. When it comes to your clothing products, not enough lighting can make a particular garment’s rather misleading. Without enough illumination, sartorial items that might appear as maroon may actually be bright red or certain blues look violet. Lighting would also make the details and embellishments of your product more noticeable and visible, so use it to your advantage. Expose your products appropriately and let customers appreciate the different characteristics and facets of your clothing products.


5.)    Not editing properly

When it comes to showcasing apparels , the presentation is everything. So, with this in mind, you should have an awareness as to how to edit your products appropriately. Do not modify them too much as to appear deceptive, neither should you under-edit it and make your products look incredibly underwhelming. Hit the right balance between making your products look attractive and sellable without overdoing it and deceiving your potential buyers. To give your catalogue a professional touch, edit all pictures in the same way—with the cropping lighting, background decals uniformly set and consistent with each other. For a nice touch, give it your personal watermark as well. Doing it this way would give your prospective buyers the impression that you are serious about your online business and would be more receptive in buying from your shop.


Now that you have an awareness of what these sartorial product photography blunders are, be sure to avoid committing them or at least rectify them the next time you put your clothes up for sale. Then you will notice how much more attention your products will be getting which would ultimately translate into sales.

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Fashion 101: A Breakdown of The Do’s and Don’ts of Every Dress Code

Modern fashion might have taken the world by storm and may have introduced innumerable concepts that might have been considered outrageous or even ridiculous in the past. But, regardless of these, the classical system of labeling invites to events with particular and strict dress codes is still very much a thing.

It has been no question that the concept of dress codes has been engendered in order to bring a semblance of uniformity and order into every person’s attire during a particular function—whether that may be a glamorous one or a more laidback and casual one. In a way, a dress code is akin to a theme and it brings harmony to the venue and the invitees and guests corresponding ensemble. This would have been all well and good if the rules of fashion remained rigidly unyielding to the changes and more updated additions through time. Yet, modern fashion would dictate otherwise as it has seen various evolutions no fashion pundit could ever have predicted or even envisioned. Who would have thought that beautiful dresses would go so well with sneakers, and last but certainly not least is who would have thought it would make an acceptable dinner attire? But, this in no way means that the few holdovers from orderly fashion have been rendered obsolete. They may be old, but they remain relevant today. Unfortunately, modern women may have a bit of a hard time trying to navigate the myriad of rules associated with each dress code (black tie, creative black tie, etc.). To help you address this area, this article has deconstructed and decoded seven of the oft-used dress codes so that when it comes to dressing up, you would not have to worry about looking overdressed or inappropriate.


Without a doubt, black tie events are the epitome of formal events. In a sense, it has defined and shaped the way formal events are today and has given rise to several similar but more laid-back dress codes. In fact, a black tie event is the reason why dress codes are invented is considered an ideal event for floor-length gowns. Considering that a black tie event is a formal event, it is a fashion faux pas to wear cocktail dresses unless they are extremely dressy and sleek. So, if you want to be safe, best keep the short cocktail dress inside the closet and opt for the long gown instead. To elevate the overall look, opt to finish off the entire ensemble with dazzling accessories such as fancy jewelry and beautiful shoes—especially if your gown allows them to peep through. Breakout, those brand new pair of wholesale steve Madden heels and give them a ball night.


Though not far off from a black tie event, a black tie optional affair does allow you to wear less dressy cocktail dresses without getting any looks of disapproval. In a way, it is less stuffy than a black tie event which has rigid rules when it comes to your manner of dress. It is the perfect casual event for a tux-style pantsuit, a cocktail dress which you could dress up with accessories, or a long black dress. And the best part of it is, if you do want to go with your floor-length gown, you could do so, and no one would send you any looks either.


The business casual dress code is perfect for those individuals who would still want to dress up but without so much of the fuss and less the hassle. Business casual embodies the professional look without the necessity of it being too dressy. In a sense, it is more or less a corporate look—something you would want to wear at the office and a business meeting, but it should not be severely austere. Think of an outfit that you can wear to grab a drink during after-office hours as well. Dresses are perfectly acceptable so long as they are conservative and not overtly provocative (plunging necklines are an absolute no-no!). For a more appropriate look, pair an open-collar shirt or sweater with trousers or a pencil skirt.


On the other hand, business formal attires are much more rigid compared to its more laidback counterpart. Essentially, business formal attires are ensembles you would wear when you are about to hold an important meeting or discuss a pivotal presentation at the office. Polished dresses and pantsuits are two ideal choices for this kind of dress code and are sure to finish it off with the appropriate heels (No flats or fire-engine red stilettos!)


Casual attires are perfect for brunches or picnic lunches. It is the most relaxed dress code of this list, but that in no way means you can instantly sport flip flops, tattered shorts a blouse and be on with it. Casual means relaxed, but not lazy. For a more appropriate look, choose your favorite cotton sundress or a skirt with a plain tee, or a pair of jeans you love with your favorite blouse. Finish off the entire look with flats, and you are good to go.


The creative black tie is essentially a formal black tie event with a hint of quirkiness thrown into the mix for a more playful affair. In a sense, it is like a black tie event with a bit of breathing room–still formal, but not as equally stuffy as the black tie event is. Your dressy cocktail dresses and evening gowns are perfect for creative black tie occasions and dress codes. Just be sure to add a smidge of creativity into your ensemble by incorporating unique and fun accessories into the mix such as a statement necklace, a pair of colorful pumps and the like.


For the final dress code, dressy casual is a look that strikes the perfect balance between casual and dressy. It is not overtly formal nor is it too casual for an event. It is all about looking relaxed and laidback without looking lazy or frumpy. An appropriate look for this dress code is a dressy blouse with jeans and heels, an ensemble of a skirt and a top or a cute dress. Flats are fine so long as they are not too casual (Absolutely no sneakers!)


Dress codes may be a bit hard to decipher and may even feel a bit stifling to our personal style. But with the various tips above, you should be able to find a look that is both appropriate for every occasion–that would channel your inner creativity while conforming to the appropriate manner of dress.

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 Pocket-Friendly Fashion Tips for Shopping Plus-Size on a Budget

“Never wait to be a certain weight to start enjoying clothes and never reject anything thinking it will not suit your shape. Try it on—you may be surprised” –Betty Bee


One of the many reasons why plus-sized women feel oppressed by the fashion industry is because of the sheer lack of affordable plus-sized clothing available. Women with a bit more heft would be constrained to choose from the largest sizes of the regular clothing or shop at a regular retailer but have a very limited choice of apparel in the plus-sized section—both options hardly practical for a plus-sized fashionista.

Indeed, shopping for plus-sized clothing on a budget may present a daunting challenge, but it is not impossible to do. Additionally, plus-sized clothes are priced a bit more exorbitantly than regular sized clothes owing to the extra garments used, and the additional embellishments attached. Among other things, higher prices on plus-sized clothes could mean that the sartorial item you have chosen is associated with an exclusive haute couture brand or is of premium fabric. Considering most plus-sized clothing is priced at a premium, it may be a bit hard to stay within your budget when you are out shopping. Compounding this fact with a limited selection of sartorial items can spell a shopping difficulty. Regardless of this aspect, your choices on plus-sized clothing should not be limited or constrained to what is offered in the mall’s diminutive plus size section. There are a lot of various creative alternatives that would not hurt your pockets, nor obliterate your budget—even if you do wear plus size. Whether you choose to sport retail or wholesale clothing that is plus-sized, here are a few tips to live by to save on cash and avoid spending too much when shopping for these types of clothes.



Many women—whether plus-sized or not—make a fashion oversight when it comes to shopping for clothes by disregarding all the potential gems they can find in thrift stores and elsewhere and exclusively acquiring sartorial purchases from the mall. While the mall is teeming with a variety of retail stores selling clothes, the choices they have for plus-sized women may be limited, and if they do, they are either outdated or even unfashionable. Explore some startup shops in the corner or even some bargain hunts in garage sales; you may end up finding something exquisite at a more pocket-friendly price.


There are many benefits associated with signing up at a store website that most individuals overlook—a couple of them are the great deals you can avail of monthly and the huge birthday discounts you get once a year. Store websites would often offer you excellent deals and even some coupons that the physical store would not. In a sense, this is not only an excellent and convenient alternative to buying clothes but when lumped with the bargain deals and discounts, it is also the more affordable tack.



You might think that getting a tailor is counterintuitive when it comes to shopping on a budget, but investing in a good tailor could potentially save you a lot more money in the long run. Typically, tailors would usually charge more than their retail counterparts, but if you put them in comparison to designer labels, you would find that getting a tailor is actually much cheaper. Additionally, some mall purchases may be rather ill-fitting on you—where it looks great on your torso, but a bit snug on the arms. To address this problem, customize your clothes and have a tailor build a basic wardrobe for you consisting of a few blazers, some slacks, and jeans. It may cost you a bit more than what you would have spent had you bought it at the mall, but having the clothes look perfect on you (as if it was specifically designed with your body in mind) is more than worth the extra expense.



Some hardcore fashionistas may scoff at the idea of shopping at the thrift store, but you would be surprised at the items you may find at this store. More often than not, you would discover rare gems such as designer labels along with your bargain hunts and at a more affordable price too! However, it requires a great deal of patience and determination on your part to find something that you would truly like or come across something that is rare. But your persistence would eventually pay off, finding a precious designer label or something that would complement you would often be just around under five dollars—a true steal.


5.)    RECYCLE

There are a lot of benefits associated with plus-sized clothing, but one of them would garner you some extra profit. Your unused and unwanted plus-sized clothes are actually considered as a hot commodity, so instead of tossing them out, recycle them, sell them and use the profit to buy yourself new clothes. A lot of consignment shops would pay you premium for your used (not abused) brand name items. If a consignment shop is nowhere in your proximity, an alternative is to set up an online shop and start posting your items for sale, or sign up in an online eBay consignment shop—it is easier and more convenient and less the hassle.



Shopping online means that you have a wide array of choices when it comes to purchasing clothes whether used or brand new. Surf the web, and you would find that there are a lot of online shops that do not have a physical store and surprisingly these are where the cute and exquisite pieces are usually lurking. Similarly, there are women out there who have excellent taste in clothes and would wish to dispose of the same and profit from it. The latter is more affordable than the former, but the choice is up to you. At least, in this way you would not have to limit yourself to shopping in the mall and find more cute selections online.



Do not wait to lose weight before looking great when you can look great now. Hopefully, with the tips given above you can pare down your shopping costs and have an excellent ensemble without the exorbitant expense.


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Fashion Faux Pas: Eight Style Errors that Make You Look Heavier

“To me, clothing is a form of self-expression—there are hints about who you are in what you wear.” –Marc Jacobs

Clothes are meant to flatter your figure and are made to make you feel and look your best, regardless of whether you shop for them in retail stores or get them as wholesale clothing. But as great as clothes are, there are innumerable fashion errors one could commit that would be detrimental to one’s style. By now, we have all heard style pundits and self-proclaimed fashion experts proffer their take on how some sartorial items can make one age in years, but did you know that there are also some clothing items that would make one look heftier than one really is? If you are not careful and meticulous enough with what you wear, you may end up selecting clothing with design elements that can add visual poundage—a fashion blunder as well as a nightmare for most style enthusiasts.

To prevent this from happening, do not simply avoid these errors, instead purge your closets and wardrobes from these clothing items today and invest in something that is guaranteed to make you look fabulous instead.


1.) Wearing fitted pieces that do not fit

Sometimes, when women are in denial, they try to cram themselves into fitted pieces of clothing that once fit them perfectly but no longer do. Issues such as straining over the bust, puckering at the armholes and collapsing at the shoulders are nothing new to them, but these are cardinal signs of a clothing item that no longer fits. One way to make sure this does not happen is to get to know your local tailor and remember that if it looks bad on the model, it would probably look even worse in real life—and less likely to look great on you.


2.) Wearing poor quality pieces

They have sloppy finishes, lopsided cuts, and crappy trips or even substandard fabric—really, why would anyone even think of buying these poor-quality clothing pieces? You certainly do not need to buy any of these items. However, this kind of issues is not solely limited to cheap and affordable clothing. Even clothes with a hefty price tag would be poorly designed, so be sure to double check.


3.) Wearing Menswear made for men

Menswear clothing can be stylish and alluring—pieces such as pantsuits, hoodies, crew tees and button-downs are a staple for any closet after all. However, to flatter and complement your figure, it should be tailored appropriately for a woman’s shape and not for a man’s. You will immediately notice the glaring difference between how a woman’s body is built from a man’s once you have tried on one of their shirts. Wearing anything designed for our male counterparts would definitely add bulk and make us appear heavier than we truly are.


4.) Wearing Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans undoubtedly make anyone look a lot thinner hence the titular name. Perhaps this is the main reason why this fashion staple has become a mainstay in many women’s closets. However, while it looks great on some girls, unfortunately for some, the same cannot be said as it will only accentuate their large areas instead of making them appear svelte. One great rule to remember when wearing skinny jeans is, if you have to struggle to get into them, they are going to make you look bigger.


5.) Wearing puffy coats

Puffy coats are perfect for the winter and colder seasons that it would not come as a surprise that they do no favors for your figure. Unfortunately, in colder months, we do not have much of an option, but luckily there are puffy coats that would not conceal your figure. These coats are designed in a way that they are cinched at the waist so that wearing them would not only keep you warm but show off your figure as well.


6.) You layer too many clothes

Layering is a great fashion technique that would make any ensemble look instantly stylish and a lot more appealing. However, it must be done in such a way that the clothes would not engulf you and end up overwhelming your figure. Some ladies would rely on layering clothes to conceal unwanted and bulk areas, but this is counterintuitive as over-layering would only achieve in making you look bulkier. Instead, layer clothes wisely and choose clothes that would complement your figure.


7.) Wearing the wrong bra

Your undergarments serve as the foundation of your clothing and how they fit would be a significant contributor on how your complete ensemble would look. Naturally, choosing ill-fitting undergarments such as bras that are a size too small under a fitted blouse would add pounds to your look. Ill-fitting bras tend to make some of your fat or skin rolls spill out if they are a size too small and would not offer much support if they are a size too big. So, make sure to invest in undergarments that do fit you to avoid those muffin tops and fat rolls from being seen.


8.) Wearing too tight clothes

Tight clothes do nothing for your blood circulation but do wonders for highlighting your curves and making you appear sexier and more seductive. Unfortunately, for heavyset women or women with a little weight, tight clothes can be the bane of their existence as it will only draw attention to areas where you have extra weight. Do not commit the fashion blunder of forcing yourself into tight clothes when you know you are a bit on the heavy side as it will only make you look even more robust. One rule of thumb to remember as regards tight clothes is that when you start to see rolls and creases, then it is probably too tight for you.


Your clothes have a lot to say about you and your personality, so make sure you are making a good impression with what you have on. If you are aiming for a slender, cleaner and more polished look, avoid the style errors and above and stick to the pieces that you know would complement you best.


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