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Looking Your Best without Upstaging the Bride

Everyone loves weddings. It generally gives everyone this feeling of euphoria. You get to witness two people deeply in love tie the knot. The food is almost always extremely top notch and superb. And finally, the ladies are afforded the chance to get dolled up and don a fancy dress for a day.


When I was in my late teens, I always viewed dressing up for weddings as something akin to Cinderella going to her first ball. From our fancy dresses to our pretty shoes we painstakingly picked out from thousands of others because it matched our outfits perfectly and down to the makeup done professionally and tastefully — it is certainly an event where a girl would feel and look her best.


Unattached ladies may feel particularly antsy for this event. As not only will they be having that feeling of attending a ball. But they are also given the chance to have the complete Cinderella experience should they meet their personal prince charming over wine and drinks during the reception.


However, when dinner is over and everyone’s personal social lubricant has already seeped in their blood, most of the ladies will getting towed off with a much fancier accessory on their arm than an expensive handbag. What else could it be, but *cough* a man *cough.* And should you be left on the table nursing more wine, you would look so glaringly single.


If there is anything single ladies loathe more — most especially ladies in their mid-twenties, it is the prospect of looking very obviously single. And the reason, you might ask, is the fact that it invites rather rude and prying questions from relatives, inquiring as to whether you intend on getting hitched or not at all. This is a particular dilemma most single womenfolk do not want to encounter on a frivolous night that was not supposed to be about her, but the couple sharing a bite from the wedding cake.


Thereby, it would be certainly helpful should a prospective man save her from all these queries simply by being her arm candy. Which is why, women all over the world find it imperative to dress to the nines during weddings.


True as this may, it would be in bad taste if you committed the ultimate wedding fashion faux pas if you showed up in a dress that very visibly upstaging the bride. Though wedding receptions or weddings generally are great mediums and events to meet the potential love of our lives and are certainly great occasions for dressing up, you have to take note that this day is all about the couple. Not you.


And though you were given the worthy invitation of witnessing their joyous celebration, it does not excuse you from stealing the spotlight away from them more so the bride.

So if you are feeling a bit uncertain as to how to proceed in looking fancy yet simple enough so as not to throw some shade to the bride, this article will serve as your guide as to how appear fashionable, chic and sexy during weddings without upstaging the star of the night.


  • Stick to the dress code given


This needs no further elaboration. However, most ladies overlook this tiny little detail in favor of looking what they deem as their personal best. Invitations usually spell out the dress code for the guests. If none was given at all, clue in to the subtle hints given by the couple in their invitation. Take note of the time and location of their wedding, for instance.


In deciphering these hints, follow this cardinal rule: “casual” means a day dress, pretty skirts, and blouses or a cute sundress. Whereas, when it is stated that it is a “cocktail” or “semi-formal” event, a cocktail dress would do. However, if it states in the invitation that it is strictly formal, a floor length dress or formal cocktail dress will do. If the invite specifies the event as a “black tie” affair, it means you would have to opt for a luxe cocktail dress or an evening gown.


  • White is an absolute no-no


It may seem a little bit archaic and old fashioned considering this is the modern times, but this is us neither playing safe nor not taking risky, fashion-forward choices. You cannot wear white to a wedding ever. Well, unless you are the bride. It would not matter either if the bride is rather easy going or that your dress is a variant of white such as cream, eggshell or ecru. No. Just don’t.


Remember how this article spelled out that weddings are supposed to be about the couple and not about you? Yes. That’s it. This is me reminding you of that. Bottom line: Don’t do it. There is absolutely no excuse for this.


  • Skin is okay, but do not overexpose yourself


Weddings normally have extended family and relatives invited. This translates that family is present — the grandparents, the nieces and nephews, the uncles and aunts and you get my drift.


The point is, you do not want to make an impression as being the friend who looked like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. You do not want to be the guest who flashed too much skin in front of the family or the groomsmen with her way too short skin tight dress and generous cleavage. Keep it simple and save those skimpy dresses for the bachelorette party.


  • Give your heels a test drive BEFORE the wedding


Do not under, under any circumstance, break your new gorgeous heels in on the day of the wedding. Should you do so, you will not only be giving yourself an uncomfortable time when you do stand up. Certainly, you will also not be able to dance during the reception and the after-party.


Do this before the wedding day and always be prepared with bandages in your purse in case of blisters. However, if you are carrying a rather large clutch or should you be driving to the destination, it would be best to pack a flat pair of shoes.


  • Pretty details and jewelry will amp any outfit


Though you should steer clear from extreme dresses, the same should not be applied in your choice of accessories. Feel free to utilize bold jewels and intricate details. Although you are a strong believer of bold is beautiful, make sure they go well with your dress and would not clash. This will help you make any plain outfit look simply fabulous and fashionable.


To wrap this up, there are various ways in dressing up for a wedding depending on the theme or the place of the event. Even if you are not the event’s star of the day, it does not mean you have to disappear into the crowd. You can still stand out as one of the fabulously dressed guests, but be extra careful not to tread on the shoes of the bride. On the couple’s special day, be fashion-forward without being a limelight stealer.

Dress Code: 8 Outfits That Will Get You Fired

Office fashion can be the best thing and the worst thing that can happen to us. Thinking about what to wear can feel like a job itself. Dressing up is both a physical expression and nonverbal communication. Unless your company requires you to wear a corporate uniform, choosing what to wear can be one of our biggest hassles every morning.

Let’s face it! There are just times that we want to stand out, advocating our rights on how we should dress up.  However, there are certain guidelines that we need to follow for us to look professional, for instance. How you dress at work matters most even when the office standard is established as “corporate casual.”

Well, we (especially women) are talking about what to wear at work. Definitely, we will not going to choose an attire that we usually wear for parties. After all, your company needs your skill, not your outfits. But for the sake of your career, you better reconsider what you are wearing at work.

1. Any clothes that are too short

Thinking about wearing shorts, mini-skirts or even short dresses? You better think again. Technically, these outfits are very eye-catching people will notice you immediately. However, it might get you into trouble one day, and I’m sure you don’t want that to happen. Flaunting your skin is not a bad thing at all for as long you are wearing it at the proper place, and the office is not one of those places.

Unless you are going to have a company outing or other such activities, there might be the need to wear those kinds of clothes for you to feel comfortable moving around. When it comes to work, wearing such skimpy clothes is a no-no.

2.  Anything that has a plunging neckline, sheer, backless, strapless, spaghetti straps, halter tops, etc.

Like wearing too short clothes, these outfits are a no-no in the corporate world. These are the attires that show too much of your skin. Basically, there is no need for you to wear and flaunt your skin at the office since you are there for work and not for a fashion show.

These clothes will not help you look attractive at all. Instead, it will make you an easy target for office gossip from both men and women. This unfortunate incident will almost always overshadow your work.

3. Anything overly trendy or flashy

If you don’t want your workmates laughing at you for wearing otherworldly outfits, you better avoid wearing them. I’m sure you will definitely feel ashamed wearing 1980’s blingy sequin skirts paired with over-the-knee stiletto boots in this modern generation.

Even if you are working in a fashion industry where wearing such outfits might be a normal one, when it comes to an office attire, please, don’t! Moreover, wearing trendy clothes that don’t suit you at all is also not a good thing to do. If you really want to wear the latest styles, you might as well choose outfits that best suit you. There are tons of outfits that you can choose from and are still office-appropriate.

4.  Anything that you’d wear as part of a Halloween costume, wedding dress,  nightclub outfit or an outfit for a tropical vacation

Of course, these! Who would want to wear a costume or beach dress in the office? These are not welcome in the office environment and people will only think that you are craving for attention. Unless there is an activity that requires you to wear such (i.e. theme days), then you can wear them. Change back to your normal clothes the day after.

5.  Anything that is intended for the gym, music festival or college quad

These attires (e.g. ripped jeans, yoga pants and graphic tees) are also a no-go. Even if these clothes might look casual and appropriate for every person to wear, these clothes are still not the type that you should wear at work. You can definitely wear these kinds of outfits in the appropriate time and place, but not on your place of work.

6.  Anything ‘Working Girl’ looks

Just because we are now working girls, it does not mean that you are going to look like one. Stylish people usually say that the ‘working girl’ look (i.e. shoulder pads, loose trousers, etc.) is an old school way of doing fashion. I bet you will definitely agree with this one since we are now living in a modern world.

There are actually a lot of ways on how you can still achieve outfits that will make you look professional without pulling the nerdy, ‘working girl’ outfit. Try to be updated. Well, you have to know how to mix and match your clothes from your closet for you to pull off just the right corporate attire.

7.  Wearing flip-flops

When it comes to wearing the appropriate attire, choosing what to wear from the top to bottom should be considered properly. Wearing flip-flops at work is outrightly forbidden.  If you are not comfortable wearing closed shoes, try wearing an open-toe shoes or sandals that have straps. In this way, your overall attire will still be decent to look at.

8. Tattoos and Piercings

Choosing the right attire does not end up in choosing the right clothes. It also applies on how you present yourself, which should neat and clean. Wearing of visible tattoos and piercing at work is a sign of unprofessionalism. Although some of you here might consider these as an art, flaunting them at work is not necessary at all. If you have a tattoo, cover it with the appropriate attire when you are at work. Also, take your piercings off when you are at work.

We definitely understand that choosing the right office outfit is not that easy to do. There are certain things to consider before deciding what to wear at work. Despite the many outfits that you can choose from, know that each outfit must be worn at the right time and place. If you do not want to be a laughingstock, wear the desired and most appropriate office attire.

Finding Flattering Clothes for Your Body Type

Dressing up is fun. It makes you appear polished, neat, girly and trendy. However, no matter how hard we try, there are just some clothes that do not flatter our figure. Though we do try to make it work best to our advantage, we would all soon come to the conclusion that there are some clothes that don’t complement our body type. A reality is that no two women on earth have roughly the same shape. They might be in the same size, but never in the same shape. Such an understatement to compartmentalize body types into fat, normal and thin! Newsflash people, people are not manufactured in factories that we can categorize them into three extremely cookie-cutter body types.


People, particularly women, are built differently. Though men’s bodies are just as diverse as women’s, this article aims to focus on women solely. This is because between males and females, the latter gets more clothing options. As a result, women would have more variety in choosing what to wear and have a lot more fun in mixing and matching. It is a common knowledge that women all over the world have a lot more fun in dressing up much more than their male counterparts.


However, as fun as dressing up may seem, this can get rather disappointing and disheartening once you find the perfect dress only to find out it looks absolutely horrid on you. It is especially heartbreaking to discover that the dress you saved a lot of cash for turns out to be extremely unflattering to your figure. Not only do you have a dress which you would not be able to wear under any circumstances, but you have also managed to waste valuable monetary resources.


This article aims to eradicate that pressing predicament and help you keep a tighter hold on your buck. As though women may come in different shapes and sizes, there is always a dress appropriate for every shape as well as for every size. It is only a matter of finding out what size and shape your body is and selecting the suitable assortment of outfits for yourself. What this article would do is to help you select various apparel for the body type that you have. It also aims to tell you which type of clothes would work and the clothes that would not. Rounded, pear-shaped, hourglass, plump and etc., this article will surely help you find the perfect clothes that match you body and built.


For Pear Shaped Ladies


A body shaped like a pear has the characteristics of having a wider lower body than your upper body. In other words, you have wider hips than shoulders. Your bottom is also well rounded and your waist, well-defined. Perhaps your best assets would be your shoulders, your entire torso, and your flat stomach. A few notable celebrities who have pear shaped bodies are Eva Mendes, Kim Kardashian, Katherine Heigl and Jennifer Love-Hewitt. Your fashion goals should be to accentuate your waist and arms, give more volume to your shoulders and upper body and minimize or diminish your hips.


If you have a body shaped like a pear much like Katherine Heigl, then you would most likely want to minimize your lower half and draw the attention upward. So, the apparel which you should try are A-line skirts to camouflage your wide hips and pants skirts and dresses to balance your hips. Additionally, you can go for boat neck tops and square cowl necklines. You can also wear strapless dresses to show off your arms. Ruffles will complement your body type as well and so do jackets that hit right above the waist. As for your shoes, you would like to invest in footwear that are pointy-toed as this will give your legs the illusion of being long.


CARDINAL DON’T:  Do not wear clothing that would bring attention to the hips and thighs such as print skirts and cargo pants.


For wedge shaped women


A wedge-shaped body, also known as the inverted triangle, is defined by a broad chest and wide shoulders (in large proportions) and narrow waist and hips. Your best asset is most notably your legs. Thus, your fashion ideals should be to emphasize your lower body while softening your shoulders and upper body. Popular actresses with this type of body are Teri Hatcher, Demi Moore, and Renee Zellwegger. Having a wedge-shaped body mean you want attention drawn downward of your body to the narrower parts such as your hips and your waist. To achieve this, you should wear bright bottoms, full skirts, wide leg pants. Do wear tops that call attention to your waistline. Your body will also look absolutely fabulous with high-waisted styles and clothes that create the illusion of a waist.


CARDINAL DON’T: Do not wear boat neckline and spaghetti strap tops.


For females with rectangular shapes


Females with rectangular body shapes have waists, hips and shoulder widths that are similar. They are usually on the slimmer side and have an athletic look. Their notable assets are their arms and legs. They also do not have to downplay any body features. They do, however, need to create curves and show off their slender arms and legs. Actresses with this body type are Natalie Portman, Hilary Swank, Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz.


Should you possess this type of body, you should invest in scoop necks and sweetheart tops in order to create curves. Additionally, wearing long jackets would give you a leaner look. Tops with collars and ruffles will add volume to your chest as well. Wearing a bra that will make you make the most of what you have is also a plus. Layering clothes will help you create dimensions. Hence, experiment with fun and colorful bottoms. Try to wear dresses with cinches on the sides.


CARDINAL DON’T: Do not wear something that overwhelms you.


For womenfolk with an hourglass frame


Women with this body shape boast sexy and alluring curves. Their shoulders and hips are similar in proportion and are accentuated by a tiny waist. Fashion goals for this type of body type should be to show off curves without exaggerating it too much. People in popular culture who have this body type are Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek and Beyonce.


If you have an hourglass body shape, wearing a good bra to showcase your bust is a good start. Wearing fitted dresses is also a good idea. Wearing a belt will help you draw attention to your hourglass shape. Moreover, wrap dresses, high-waisted skirts to show off hips, thin lightweight fabrics and skinny jeans and straight leg jeans work best for this body type.


CARDINAL DON’T: Do not hide your curves underneath baggy clothing. Show them off!


In essence, it does not really matter whether you have an hourglass body shape or a pear one, what matters is finding the perfect clothes that would complement your body type. You may invest in thousands of pesos in clothes that are in style and would still look frumpy in comparison to how you saw it worn by the model.


The key here is to accentuate your best features and downplay the rest. After all, when we are dressing up, don’t we all love to showcase our assets? So if you do, start finding the best clothes just for you!


Reasons for Buying Wholesale Deréon Products

Hollywood seems to be an elusive dream. Thanks to celebrities who are launching their own clothing lines, getting closer the stars doesn’t seem so elusive at all. In 2004, Beyoncé Knowles, together with her mother Tina Knowles, launched the House of Deréon, a ready-to-wear line that combines “sidewalk and catwalk” and holds the tagline ‘Couture.Kick.Soul.’ ‘Couture’ is for Tina, who is a stylist. ‘Kick’ is for Beyoncé while ‘Soul’ is for Agnéz, Beyoncé’s maternal grandmother.

Why buy wholesale Deréon products

Deréon items are widely available online. However, it is very difficult to discern which ones are original and which are not. For one, you can buy original Deréons from its website. In this case, however, Deréon’s websites are down, so those who want to buy the items may have to do a deep search to find what they are looking for more so if you are looking for wholesale Deréon products.

Good thing there are many wholesalers who stock their warehouses with these Beyoncé-designed products. Whether it’d be tees, bottoms, dresses, jackets, shoes and handbags or even plus sizes, buying them in bulk is always easy on your pocket. For instance, wholesalers are selling Deréon plus size hooded bubble jackets with faux fur for only $58 instead of $110 which is the original price. That’s a whopping 42% discount!

While the items are low-priced, Deréon products are manufactured at high standards. Think of it this way: would Beyoncé and her sister, Solange, carry low-quality, poorly-designed handbags or totes? Not! The head-to-toe products are above the industry quality standards they collectively give ‘urban chic’ a new definition.

Not to mention, wholesale clothes are usually transported from the factory or warehouse to the shipping destination. They won’t look stale or weathered when you get your hands on them. The difference in quality is evident on first glimpse and when you touch the item for the first time. Remember, whatever you are buying, you must not sacrifice the quality in lieu with quantity or worse, price. That’s the #1 rule.

Deréon products are one of the most commonly faked urban clothing brands. You’ll know a pair of shoes is fake when it doesn’t bear the House of Deréon Clothing logo. It is easy to spot the brand’s fleur de lis logo which is often embroidered, embossed or flanked onto the product. House of Deréon also uses the agu logo from time to time. The emphasis is on buying from certified wholesalers who are only selling authentic product and not replicas or knockoffs. Why buy Deréon items with inferior quality at low-cost rates when you can buy the original items at same low prices? It doesn’t make sense.

Take advantage of the low prices because lower prices could mean more items for you. Wholesale Deréon shirts, for instance, are sold at $54 per pack. Each pack contains six t-shirts in different colors. Each shirt actually costs $18. Imagine how much you can save and possibly earn if you buy several pre-packed shirts and resell them at a slightly lower price than its original price. The sales potential of Deréon products is very high with Beyoncé at the helm. Indeed, you’d get more bang for your buck, purchasing various items at the same clothing budget than otherwise.

Just because they are sold wholesale doesn’t mean you cannot access all House of Deréon’s products including the bags, shoes and jewelries. You can choose and purchase from the clothing line’s entire collection or stock and have them shipped directly to your door even from a wholesaler. If the wholesaler has it, you can order it instantly.

Like other urban clothing lines, Deréon has to remain competitive. Even wholesales are kept up-to-date by stocking new arrivals. With House of Deréon, buying an entire wardrobe at really low prices is possible. For example, options for jeans are varied. There are stonewashed, blue, white, black, brown, darker hues in cropped Bermuda, Capri, boot cut and straight leg styles. There are also high tops, heels and boots you can pack your wardrobe with.

Perhaps, the goodness of buying wholesale Deréon is sitting back and letting the order come to you. You can expect the items on your mailbox in a few days. In fact, some wholesalers are implementing same-day shipping policy. Depending on where you live, you can expect your order in 2-3 days. Just make sure that the wholesaler is shipping in your country and that you have all the requirements to make the transaction as smooth as possible.

A word of caution for resellers

While at it, beware of some wholesalers that tag their dresses, handbags and shoes for sale as Deréon when in fact they are just using the brand name to make a sale. Some wholesalers even put their supply ability (i.e. 1,000 pieces per day) that only indicates they are making replicas. Deréons are manufactured outside the US, but these are only available in the US and European market. So, make sure that you are buying from legit wholesalers so you’d know you are buying authentic Deréons.


With summer now being so devouring and heating up, most people are now pushing for more comfortable and easy-to-move-around clothes. Retail clothing stores are now stocking up on wholesale urban clothing like tees, tank tops, shortsto cater to their customers’ need. Items are easy to be on sale since it is a classic demand when summer comes in.


Shorts are totally in during this time because they can go easy with anything. Either you go to the beach, do some skateboarding or just hangout with your friends at the neighborhood, shorts are apparent easy-to-wear outfits. Tees can also be worn alongside the comfy shorts that you have. At Seven Wholesale, you can choose a variety of wholesale urban clothing brands that are totally in style and are very much affordable. We only cater to you the best wholesale manufactured brands with excellent quality.


Seven Wholesale is one online store based in USA that boasts of a range of wholesale urban clothing for men and women. Stocking some of the most distinguished brands around the global market like wholesale Antique Rivet jeans, wholesale Zoo York apparels and many more.


If you are sporting a look that would be something that you can pull off, chances are, you will be able to find these through wholesale items. There are quick finds that you can easily catch when you just go over them. There are various items to see, from jeans to tees, from shorts to shoes.


And with the weather that is currently on going right now, it is sure fun that you can find amazing bargains on wholesale products on summer outfits, which are in demand right now. You cannot only find apparels, but also merchandises. There are also different designs to choose from, depending on the personality that you have and the styling approach that you are achieving.


Skirts and dresses are showing much attention right now especially to teens that are following certain styles from celebrities. Floral, vintage and boho chic dresses are some of the usual trends emerging and are still on the run. These are commonly in demand so it is an advantage for wholesalers to stock this kind of clothing materials.


Jackets are also often on sale in bulk especially for sporty individuals who are into jogging and getting themselves fit.  Different choices of wholesale brands are in store for you to choose from. T-shirts and polo shirts, among other very common and easy to wear outfits, are the best selling apparels. These garbs are the most sought for items ranging from different sizes and artistic designs. And these clothes would never go out of style because it can be worn anytime of the day, with or without accessories. You can either match it with your favorite jeans, or top it off with a blazer to make you look fabulous.


Going wholesale can never go wrong especially if you are a buyer who is more of into bulk buying. This makes it easier for businessmen such as retailers who are deemed inclined to marketing such kinds of products.


Clothes are very easy to market especially if you are catering to a group that is willing to buy for the sake of fashion. Of course, it would also mean that you’re items are worth buying. And it is a must that you purchase your wholesale urban clothing itemsfrom trusted sources with outstanding quality and from manufacturers who produce excellent products.


Knowing that the fashion age that most of us are a part of practically revolves around ‘change’ and strives for goodness makes it a standard for unique quality of products. Ranging from women dresses and clothing patterns that are available from different brands, it is evident that emerging fashion outlets and brands are coming up which signifies novelty.


Several emerging styles are now often seen first online, among different fashion blogs, or even online stores. Oftentimes, these products are even stocked predominantly especially for people who are planning to make a retail business.


And as the trend in online shopping becomes rampant nowadays, it has become a worldwide movement that not only almost every buyer is opting for but also for sellers who want their products to be marketed. It is a good strategy for businessmen because online marketing has been making a major role in the industry.


Numerous websites are now specializing on discounted labeled items, which make it more enticing for buyers because of the price difference it gets compared to the ones sold on retail stores.Although there is also comfort that comes with buying items online, a challenge for online stores is to make their services more genuine and trustworthy so that customers will be coming back.


With this at hand, many products can be found in just a few clicks just at the comfort of your homes! And there are a lot of reasons why online shopping is an advantage especially for wholesalers who are looking for cheap and authentic items just like what Seven Wholesale offers you. Go and discover genuine finds and have the best shopping experience!


How creative can your T-shirt get?


Loads of apparels have been trending these days, not mentioning the number of new emerging brands that quietly appear from nowhere. And because of the demand for various fashion items, comes wholesaling. Wholesale T-shirts, among a few of the many categories that would fall under wholesale, are the usual items that, by hook or by crook, would sell out.


T-shirts are one of the usual and often overrated fashion pieces one may be in a possession of. You may even have a handful of those since you were young, and up to now, you still have those in your closet. Yet, you find them very useful especially on most of your casual routines.


As comfy as they may seem, t-shirts are very easy to find. And you can wear them anytime. Whether you go on a summer vacation, a trip to the beach, watching your favorite band on concerts, or just chilling around the neighborhood, t-shirts are one of the trusty outfits you can wear. Not mentioning how it can also set a trend if you happen to be too creative.


From its origin, t-shirts are made of light, inexpensive fabric and were easy to clean. During the Spanish-America war, the U.S. Navy began using them as undergarments, which was noted to be the earliest t-shirt dated.


It became then a stand-alone, outerwear garment, and a couple of which being worn often by boys while doing chores or playing outside. It then eventually became as a general-purpose casual clothing wear. Versions such as crew neck and V-neck shirts were then available in many designs and fabric types.


When it comes to fashion, there is a wide range of choices that you can go with just a t-shirt. It may be customized, hand-painted, dyed or sewn. But you can always go for shopping out well-designed items among wholesale T-shirts stores. With this in mind, you can still personalize a look and make it fashionable. It matters on how creative you can go with just a plain white shirt.


As they were known as originally worn as undershirts, these garments are now frequently worn as the only piece of clothing on the top half of the body, other than possibly a brassiere for women, or rarely, a vest.


T-shirts also have become a medium for self-expression and advertising, with any imaginable combination of words, art and photographs, which is promptly done up to now.


With it making a casual affair of sorts, fashion houses and designers have shifted to maximizing t-shirt production by adding a taste of what the current trend is. There came a time that t-shirts were better-looking if they were ripped or torn, or even cut. Different groups of people have different approaches to t-shirt styling and it happens until now.


The emergence of street and urban wear is just an example that there is a community that thrives to uphold a certain kind of fashion statement. Street wears as what is known, stemmed out from the streets that includes a lifestyle of surfing or skateboarding. Urban wear on the other hand, emerged from the culture of hip-hop. Both appear to appeal to the young and the artist that have influenced the audience.


As the years gone by, the use of t-shirts as a medium for a fashion statement to flourish is still on up to now. And up to date, different fashion approaches have developed into distinct style combined with individuality.


Knowing that this has become a norm also emerged more t-shirt manufacturers. There happened to be a lot of t-shirt brands that eventually began to occur. Businesses have been thriving sporadically as the trend and the demands of the society increased. Wholesale t-shirt brands are now everywhere, making the clothing industry booming.


Production has been constant, and different styles have been introduced. Not only catering to men and women but also to different age groups that are normally in need of something to wear. Teens, kids and some other groups are also part of the market, albeit the fashion statement. Wholesale t-shirt businesses are now conquering not only to benefit those trend-setters, but also everyone.


Moreover, t-shirts are fashion pieces that both men and women can enjoy; in anyway they want to use it. There are T-shirts that are comfortably worn tight or some people want it to hang loose. It actually depends on one’s fashion preference, whether you are inclined to hipster, rock and roll or hip-hop fashion statements, it does not matter. But it could get cooler if there is something interesting about your t-shirt that anyone would want to stare at it and ask you where you got it.


The use of social media and living in the computer age has also helped spread the idea of branding one’s own creativity and style. Emerging styles, trends and themes of different seasons keeps designers, shoppers, bloggers and the rest of the world up on their toes.


Most of these days, especially that fashion is evidently varying from one person to another’s preference, there has been a context as to what has been usually trending. One may prefer casual clothes or urban type of clothing. And some wholesale street wear manufacturers are always on the lookout for something good and new to keep their customers’ satisfaction.


Street wear clothing basically refers to designs coming from the street, and what is usually known as the “comfortable approach to fashion” with pieces such as jeans, t-shirts, baseball caps and sneakers as the usual trademarks. These are produced to respond on the pop-culture mainstream brands that are usually sold on retail outlets.


There are wholesale street wear stores that are actually catering to these kinds of outfits, not mentioning that this originated from the west coast of the America by a small group of entrepreneurs who were on their twenties. They thought of a movement that develops fashion that reflects their lifestyles such as skateboarding, surfing and hip-hop.


Inspired from street bands that are often seen selling out their DIY t-shirts and mix tapes to their fans during small shindigs, this became an eye-opener for these lads to come up with ‘design your own shirts’ for a more personalized clothing style that soon became a part of the world market trading.


Shawn Stussy, who was a local surfboard designer, along with his friends from the skate/surf community, began an incredible experiment with melding hip-hop sensibilities with the surf and skate styled clothes. Taking from elements of music, art and street theaters, they produced handmade designed clothes, which were then noticed by the community they are in. Encouraging their fans to combing preppy skate wear and hip-hop or rock clothes, Stussy was able to set a standard for this brand of clothing to be recognized. Then became the emergence of brands that popped-up this time and the look began to spread across the US.


In the late 90s, street wear began to look west to Japan for inspiration. Stussy came in friends with various Japanese designers that took the street wear clothing to the next level. It was during this time that adding pop culture influences such as toys, games and anime was associated.


Soon enough, street wear became its own brand. By the 2000s, the concept of street wear clothing took off commercially, making everyone being part of the game. Europeans have been interested into creating their own labels of street wear and money began to be the driving force for the brands. With an ascending interest to producing street wear fashion, a lot of fashion houses are now into it and have been in new directions acquiring their own tastes, however, not all of them were pretty enough to maintain a delightful approach to street wear styling.


As the fashion industry grows, street wear styling has been picked-up around and across the globe and has become a global inspiration for fashion enthusiasts who want to come up with new and emerging statements. As how most people notably acclaimed this, street wear clothing is notoriously difficult to define. Judging from each and everyone’s taste, it becomes a fun and at the same, tricky styling approach because it evolves, making it a very personal fashion to define.


With the emergence of this style, a lot of fashion houses are always keeping up with the demands of the public, and not just being stagnant in producing designs that are the same, which makes people accustomed with. With the fact that street wear movement is constantly evolving, so is the demand to newer pieces. Brands are then purchased in wholesale street wear, which are emerging to make it easier for consumers to attain, especially to those who are pretty much consumed in this kind of fashion statement.


And with the evolution that never ceases to stop, so is the street style developing into more intricate fashion styles and mixture. Casual comfortable basics such as t-shirts, jeans, sneakers or baseball caps are so easy to find, but achieving a look that would define you as a person, makes it more challenging to attain a creative fashion statement.


Street wear fashion is thought of as a movement of the people that has no strict rules and is always changing. It is known to be a freestyle and independent term of branding that is why manufacturers produce items that are ready yet can be tweaked by their users in order to achieve a very personal approach to styling. That is why wholesale street wear brands exist, to make every consumer’s life easy.


However, these democratic associations do not translate to affordable clothes. There are lists of brands that are of hefty price tags of which are of really good quality. And perhaps purchasing and wearing such difficult-to-obtain pieces helps street wear clothing enthusiasts display individuality and avoid looking like a member of the masses, which is definitely the goal.


The point being is that, street style can be achieved else where and by anyone. It is the look that counts and how one matters to keep that fashion statement.


Men and women have different fashion and style approaches. Sometimes it depends on the season and on one’s preference. Most of the time, when the season changes, a certain shift of wardrobe is needed especially when the weather calls for it. Thus, coats, hoodies and jackets are much likely needed especially on cold weathers. Various wholesale jackets are up on retail stores and are very much likely to be a fad when cold season comes in.


But sometimes, considering a fashion statement to maintain, you would want to wear these clothing not only just during monsoon weathers, but also anytime and anywhere you like. Social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest and LookBook are just a few fashion and style inspiration avenues that you can come across with over the Internet.


You can even shop at online stores and see a gallery of different stocks that would suit your taste, not mentioning the very easy way of navigating your shopping experience with just a few clicks on your mouse. A series of wholesale jackets and coats can be found on different wholesale clothing online stores. This practice has been done rampantly because of the emerging trend of online business shopping than stressing yourself on shopping at different physical stores


Some prefer using jackets to accessorize their outfit. Some would go for a rock-ish look; some would sport a semi-casual look; and some wanted to complete a sharp look while heading to work. Having a style in mind to match your clothes with coats and jackets is such a brave move because not everyone can pull that off. With this, you have to choose the best-fit jacket for you.


It is entirely on one’s drive to look nice and presentable. And adding an accessory such as jackets, can improve the look that you usually have, to add a twist and to make you look less boring. It would not hurt so much, eh?


Wearing a jacket to achieve a rocker type of look, you need to find leather jackets that would fit your size. Wholesale jackets of leather types can be found on different shopping stalls or online stores that stocks a gallery of these.


When you want to look girly but with a twist, you can wear your favorite summer dress on and have it topped with a jean jacket. It will look superb on you especially if you add a scarf to twirl around your neck. To finish the look, you can wear your best boots to compliment the jacket.


There are coat jackets that come by as a one-piece dress such as a princess style cape dress coat jacket. Some prefer wearing these types of jackets during autumn because of its stylish look. And what’s nice is that there are different colors to choose from! You can mostly see these find online from wholesale jackets sellers.


When going to work, it has also been trending nowadays by women who are wearing blazers or office jackets to look sharper and sophisticated. More women are digging to achieve this look nowadays because it gives a very good fashion impression. Most buys are often seen through online shops that offer a large scale of choices and are of reasonable prices.


When it comes to men, overcoats are often known to be their best friend when it comes to styling and sporting a sophisticated look. Men also want to look at their best, even if it means wearing an overcoat to impress women. But sometimes, these are clothing styles worn by men during fall or wintertime.


There are instances where hoodies, on the other hand, are worn not only during sweater weather seasons, but because these are fashion statements that give a in impression. Most users often found wearing these fashion statements, are those who are sporting the street or urban wear. Lads who are into skateboarding and hip-hop are often seen wearing hoodies, matched with loose jeans and skate shoes.


Of course, women are also found wearing hoodies to keep up with the styles. Perhaps by influence or preference, hoodies are then used by women to cover themselves up or want to use them for exercise outfits. Knowing this, production of hoodies from different fashion houses and brands exerted more effort in bringing this demand to the market.


There are different types of hoodies that can be found in many different designs and colors. Some can go too fit and some quite loose. Whichever you prefer, there is a whole lot of available stuff that you can find on retail stores or wholesale jackets online stores such as Seven Wholesale. Guaranteed authentic products are marketed for you at affordable prices.


With the on-going evolution of fashion in a general sense, so are the clothing styles and designs. Creativity among designers are always challenged to be able to produce more quality and interesting designs for their customers to continue patronizing their work. And with the trendsetters help, the fashion industry will always continue to thrive.

Wholesale Clothing

Each and everyone have their own fashion statements and have been constantly achieving it as individuals who matter independence and acquire personal taste. There are wholesale clothing stores who are striving to achieve a diverse collection of brands that cater to different types of people in order to satisfy the demands of their clients.

Various retail owners who are into selling clothes prefer buying wholesale clothing to save up a chunk of money rather than having these items bought from a middle-man. It usually requires bulk purchasing of various items that you can sell out to your networks.

If you are planning to make a business out of selling wholesale clothing, there are dos and don’ts and probably you have already come across them. But in the end, you have to keep in mind that the profit you are making should be enough for your business to keep going. Below are some essential tips on how doing a business that involves selling wholesale clothes can be a tough yet rewarding one.

Target your niche market.

By knowing this, it is important to know whom you are catering to and what you should be offering them. Not mentioning what clothing brands you could sell out to them. By knowing your niche market, it is important so that you may not be barking at the wrong tree. You may want to sell out clothes for babies, kids, teens, or dresses for plus size women or suits for the men. At any rate, it would be easier for you to find suppliers if you have listed down your projected target market.

Make a list of Suppliers

It would be tough not to know suppliers that could help you outlive that business dream of yours. Looking for suppliers, not mentioning the authentic ones is quite a challenge because you have to know if they are selling genuine products. You have to keep in mind that what your customers should buy from you are worth the money they are spending, and so are you, with the kind of merchandise you will be purchasing from your suppliers.

Buy in bulk.

Found the right suppliers? Then the trick is buying their items in bulk. What makes it tricky is that, it comes out cheaper if you buy them in bulk and have the items sold twice the price you bought them! It’s really a good marketing strategy too to cover up the expenses of you while starting out.

Find selling venues.

Selling venues mean looking out for a good place to sell your newly acquired wholesale clothing. Which means searching a good location for your business. Which also means, having a physical store. It may be a bit too costly to have this move yet if you wanted customers to have access to you and your products, having a retail store that would showcase your items can be a good idea. With this in mind, it is good to find an iconic place that would suit best your business. More often than not, you can also opt to sell your merchandise out online.

Using the online as a tool for selling your products online may have risks, especially if you have dilemmas about customers being hesitant to try you out. One thing that could make you have an authentic vibe is through customer testimonials, which is really effective and can be a driving force for your business to go on greater heights.

Storage area is a must.

Having your own warehouse for your items is a need so you can keep those precious gems in good shape. Know that a storage area should be clean and away from detrimental elements that would cause your products to look unlikely than how they should seem to be.

Make a list of clothing brands.

Once you have purchased your wholesale clothing, chances are you have to keep a list of inventory of your on-hand merchandise. With this, you can keep track of what items you have and what you don’t have so as to also know what is in demand of your ownership.

Listing does not only mean keeping a literal list of your items, but also inspecting the products whether they are in good condition. Selling damaged clothing will give your clients a bad impression of your business and might discourage them from returning for more clothing, which is something that you are avoiding.

Organize your rack.

Whether you choose to sell clothing online or offline, you should have a tad of clue on organizing the clothes you have in hand to help you save up time. Every owner should know the location of every type of garment in one’s possession. This would also have your clothes protected from any damage that may cause from having a disorganized set.

Promote your clothing business.

With the online media as the most reliable marketing partner on hand, promoting your clothing business would be as easy as 1, 2, 3. You may set up a Facebook page to have an online presence or a website that would cater to most clients especially if you have customers from different states or internationally.

Auctioning website like eBay will help your business grow since it can target a larger scale of customers. Just remember to keep in mind shipping and handling processes. Aside from online marketing, you can also go old school such as selling at a flea market where you can see people shop and allow them to see your products first hand. Doing this strategy is just one of the many better methods to introduce a community to your products.


Buying 100% Wholesale Girbaud Products

Marithé + François Girbaud or simply Girbaud is probably one of the most knocked-off brands especially its jeans. François Girbaud, who is considered as the ‘Godfather of Denim,’ introduced stonewash jeans. There was a time when stonewashed jeans are everywhere, but not all of them are Girbauds. Girbaud caters to the premium denim market, which means the goods are sold with hefty price tags. Don’t fret though because you can still buy original Girbauds at cheaper prices through buying them wholesale.

How to know you are buying 100% original wholesale Girbaud

The brand has come a long way since Jennifer Beals wore a pair of Girbaud jeans in ‘Flashdance’ movie. To ensure that you are buying authentic items, that is, after finding the wholesaler of your choice, you may request a sample of a pair jeans or other items such as wallet to be sent to you. Usually, the shipping costs are shouldered by the wholesaler.

Determining the authenticity of the product essentially depends on the item that you are buying. For example, real Girbaud wallets are made from pure yet soft leather. The craftsmanship is evident on first glance with solid stitches and unscratched embellishments. The original wallets are easy to touch. Before you buy whole Girbaud wallets, make sure there are no ‘extra’ compartments. Girbaud wallets don’t have any coin compartment inside. Gather images of original Girbaud wallets and compare, so you’d know you are buying genuine wallets.

Now let’s discuss what Girbaud is most famous for – the jeans. Before, it is easy to spot fake jeans because they don’t bore the ‘M+FG’ with hologramic effect of the words “Marithé + François Girbaud” or just “Girbaud” tagline on the straps. Even when some jeans do have, they often look sloppy and misspelled. Some jeans also have plastic buttons when, in fact, François had never designed a pair jeans with such. He uses metallic rivets and buttons with ‘M+FG’ imprint as well.

Aside from the straps and buttons, the real jeans often have an extra label on the fly and inside the belt loop areas that read ‘Le Jean Marithé + François Girbaud.’ There are jeans that have stitched patch or brown patch bearing the label. The logo patch is the brown object at the upper right hand corner at the back. Sometimes, the same patch design appears mid-part of the right hind pocket.

Further, you should also see a traceability label inside. The label usually includes information on the place of manufacturing, material, size and RN number, SKU or style number. T-shirts, jackets and coats have a label inside, too. You can always cross-check the traceability numbers to ensure that the wholesaler is selling the real deal.

So if the dealer sent you a sample without the straps, with straps but misspelled tagline, with plastic buttons and without any label, don’t bother buying wholesale Girbaud products from it. It’s time to look for another wholesaler in your list.

Inspecting for authenticity further

Designer items are a favorite among resellers because of their high resale value and high earning potential. If you are planning to be reseller, you must learn the skill of discerning authentic designer jeans from fake ones, for instance. While sometimes it only takes good judgment, you cannot compromise. Anyhow, the more you see real Girbaud products, the more you’d know which are fake.

Selling high-end items at $80 or higher a piece is difficult. Your customers put a premium on the items you sell, so you should too by vouching for their authenticity. So before you list Girbaud items on your site, it is your responsibility to inspect each item thoroughly even when they arrive in bulk. Some fraudulent wholesalers are selling authentic items as advertised, but only an item or two are actually original, and the rest are counterfeits. Beware!

Other than the factors noted above, you should always inspect the rivets. The rivets as well as buttons (some Girbauds has buttoned pockets) used must be consistent in terms of size, color and design. Inspect the zipper(s) as well. In most cases, the colors of the rivets, buttons and zips are the same.

Next, check the micro-stitching. Particularly, inspect the micro-stitches on the belt loop straps. They should be consistent also. The same goes with the micro-stitches on the tags and labels. There shouldn’t be any loose threads and they should not look like aluminum strips. The stitches should be straight and not sketchy. You must not notice where the stitch begins and ends.

Finally, examine the curves. Some Girbaud jeans have flaps on the back pockets. The flaps should have distinctive uneven curves. The curves of the pockets too should be smooth throughout. The look, size and shape of the front, end and hind pockets must be persistent other than being done purposely different from one another.

Not because you are buying wholesale Girbaud, you will give the wholesaler the opportunity to deceive you. You might not know it, but the small details that you overlook before can actually reveal the authenticity of the products. Just do your part, and everything will fall on its right place.