A Guide to Wearing What Shoes with What Outfit

“Give a girl the right shoes. And she can conquer the world”

This is quite an enigmatic line from none other than a fashion and style icon herself, Marilyn Monroe. But no matter how inscrutable it may be to rule the world with a single pair of great footwear if anything, this one great fashion tenet speaks volumes about a fashionable woman’s relationship and obsession with the footwear that covers her soles: shoes.

It has been said that a woman falls in love seven times in her life, and six times out of seven, it is with shoes. In fact, no woman on earth can have too many pairs of shoes as a great ensemble is often tied together with a beautiful pair of shoes, and more often than not you can wear the plainest and most nondescript assortment of clothing and still look stunning simply by wearing an elegant pair. And with a variety of footwear to choose from (loafers, pumps, kitten heels, doll shoes, flip-flops, etc.), the average fashion forward woman is never at an immediate style emergency of having a dearth of shoes to choose from. But though this may seem like it presents a stylish advantage, results can rather be disastrous if women are not discerning enough on which shoes to pair with what outfit.

True enough, with a multitude of shoes to select from, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the appropriate ones that would complement your outfit and tie it all up. Often, women commit the fatal fashion error of choosing a pair that would compete with their outfit instead of completing it and a clashing of too many styles and colors would ensue. This is because many women are guilty of having too much going on with their outfits (Note: Printed dresses and embellished shoes will clash) and if you have a slight inclination towards being culpable of committing this fashion faux pas as well, then you might want to take a look at the guide below. So that whether you are wearing either wholesale fashion clothing or retail ones, you will still be able to pull off a stunning cohesive getup.


Some of us womenfolk are guilty of impulse buying and there are times wherein we buy pairs and pairs of shoes with no visible occasion or event for them in mind. Because of this, some of us have the propensity of throwing them on without at least considering the kind of occasion or event we are going to and if the selected shoes are appropriate giving their overall look a tacky finish. To avoid this, when you are out shoe shopping the first thing you must consider is if you have a designated event for the specific pair and if you do not, do not buy them despite the fact that they are stylish or discounted. Then consider the type of occasion or environment you are going to be wearing those shoes in, casual shoes such as loafers, ballet flats are best for casual events while classic pumps look great for anything a bit dressier and more formal but this seems rather formulaic and predictable.

To spice up a simple office-day outfit, consider wearing kitten heels with a bit more embellishment such as a chic buckle or other accent (but nothing too over the top, make sure it retains its corporate feel), you can also achieve this by choosing a different colour other than neutrals such as bright red or stunning green. However, it is imperative to consider the day’s activities and locations and if the pair of shoes you are wearing is appropriate—or comfortable enough to last you the day. To illustrate, it would be rather taxing to walk in kitten heels if your job at the office requires you to be on your feet most of the time and it is rather you would look like you lack fashion and social panache if you wore flats to an elegant gala or formal dinner affair.


Above all, comfort should come first before style although it is still highly possible to be comfortably stylish. However, when the grounds are covered with snow outside, it might be best to break in your new snow boots instead of wearing shoes that may leave your feet precariously cold. In essence, it is like saying that you should dress for the season but this time, you should choose shoes that are appropriate for the season. For an instance, a pair of brocade pumps will look more at home with a classic evening suit than a pair of strappy or skimpy sandals ever will and those suede beloved boots you have that looked best paired with your heavy coats should be stowed away when the summer season comes.

Although, it is worthy to note that there are some shoe styles such as leather pumps that can be worn through whatever season and weather permitting, just make sure your soles are comfortable enough when you do traipse outside in whatever weather.


When it comes to shoes there is a multitude of colors that sometimes choosing the right color to go with an outfit is a hit or miss thing. However, it should also be noted that when it comes to selecting a color that best complements or goes with an outfit, there is no blanket or cookie-cutter answer but rather a combination of various elements that mesh together in harmony that will make you look great. There is a variety of factors to consider such as textures, hues, patterns, design, cut and shades that will help you determine what the “appropriate” color should be. If you already have an outfit in mind, try it out with your shoes and if it goes well together then go for it but if you have trouble in determining which goes which then the brief guide below will assist you.

Classic Black: Undoubtedly, black goes with anything whether they are open-toe, pointy toe, ankle strap or platforms, they will work with any outfit and would look almost at home with any desired outfit and is the ultimate wear-anywhere option. There is never a scarcity when it comes to the options you can pair black with as they look great with any clothing hues which invariably include denim.

Any Shades of White: White sneakers should be a staple in every woman’s shoe closet as you can never go wrong with it in just about anything. Recently, they have looked rather trendy when paired with skater dresses and girly skirts. Just keep in mind that the proportions of your outfit should be in balance to your shoes.

Brown/Russet: Whether they are neutrals or animal prints, brown shoes should be a closet staple. When you are pairing them with something darker however, stick to moodier shades such as finishing off a pair of crisp black trousers with luggage brown pumps as darker colored clothing highlights wear and tear on lighter footwear.

Taupe/Gray: This neutral color goes with anything as long as you keep in mind how the details of your shoe affect the look. If you have a pair that looks simple enough then it is best to keep them dressed down in jeans or denim but if you own a more polished pair, then they will look great in addition to pastel, berry and black looks.

Nude colors: The more open a nude pair of shoes is the more feminine or flirty an outfit should be. For your guidance, choose a pair that would work best with your skin and would flawlessly blend with it.

Metallics: When it comes to metallic shoes, the most vital aspect you should consider is the design. Detailed metallic pairs are strictly to be used only for night outs and special occasions while simple and laid back metallic flats can work anywhere. They work well with any color so you can have fun experimenting with that.


Now that you have successfully read this guide through, try experimenting with different outfits and pairing them off with shoes and see what works well and what does not.

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