A Guide in Buying Wholesale Dresses

Buying wholesale dresses can be daunting, that is, if you don’t know the ins and outs of such. Fashion-wise, dresses may become out-of-style quickly, but there are some dresses which are considered as wardrobe staples. There is one main purpose of buying dresses in bulk – savings! While there are hundreds to thousands of online retail shops offering wholesale, only a few can give buyers the best deals. The ‘best,’ at least in this context, means paying affordably on quality dresses that you use for the years to come. Here’s a simple guide to in buying dresses in bulk.

Get to know the wholesale dresses seller

Taking time to look for the most reliable online wholesaler will give any buyer like you the kinds of dresses she wants for the cheapest prices. Our choice of dealers is important to meet your dress buying requirements and purposes. You have to make sure that the store has a wide collection of dresses to choose from. There should be variation in colors, styles, designs and of course, brands.

If you are buying dresses for a clothing business, the wholesaler must be able to have the stocks that will meet your picky customer’s needs. Dresses offered in the market today, especially the branded ones, are getting more expensive. Budget conscious consumers, who still want to be stylish at a fraction of the cost, simply cannot afford them. The best option is buying garbs at markdown prices.

Further, the wholesaler, where you intend to buy the dresses from, must be reputable. Before you make a purchase, take time learning more about the dealer by looking for reviews and testimonials online. If these are not available, you may ask the wholesaler’s clients directly. Happy clients can straightforwardly relate their experiences. The reverse is also true for disgruntled clients. Categorically, the right dealer is the one with many positive reviews and more satisfied clients.

Reputable wholesalers must be trustworthy as well. Make sure that the dealer keeps good manufacturer or supplier-dealer relationship. Unless the dealer is manufacturing its semi-casual and formal wears, the wholesaler is dealing with various suppliers and vendors in the market. If it is dealing with international brands, make sure that it is a certified partner dealer. This is one way of knowing that the wholesaler is selling 100% original dresses and gowns. Privacy policies and terms and conditions also signal credibility on the part of the wholesale seller. So, better check the wholesaler’s website.

Carry out a comparison shopping

When buying wholesale dresses, comparing prices is a must. While wholesale retailers offer the best option to buy frocks at rock-bottom prices, prices still vary from retailer to retailer. Some factors that may affect the prices are brand, location and reputation. Some respectable retailers can sell their garments at slightly higher rates than the rest of the wholesalers carrying the same brands, styles and designs of dresses. These retailers have already established good working relationships with buyers.

Nonetheless, you can still look for other wholesalers by searching the Internet and getting the same quality dresses at low-priced rates. When comparing prices though, you have to consider some things. Make sure that the retailer is carrying the same brand, offering the same attires at much cheaper prices and requiring less quantity of items to buy. For instance, some wholesalers offer AKOO shirts for only $7.50, but you have to buy at least 5 of the same items (i.e. 5 t-shirts with different prints, colors, etc.) to get the shirts at that selling price otherwise you need to buy one particularly designed tee for $12. This is just an example, but these are some points of comparison to consider.

Do not settle for anything less

Mentioned above, the biggest advantage of buying dresses in large quantities is savings. Money-saving doesn’t mean (and will never be) compromising the quality of the garments. There are quality checkpoints to take into account. If possible, obtain a sample from the wholesaler more so if the wholesale dresses are for a clothing business. A reseller may choose to go to the dealer’s warehouse. If this is not logistically feasible, any wholesaler will be happy to send you a sample, hoping that this will lead to a sale.

Upon receipt of the sample dress, inspect it thoroughly. Fabrics have varying quality levels. Check the weave density or the number of threads in a square inch. You need not count it. Just hold the dress to the light. There shouldn’t be holes on the dress which means loose weave. Touch it; it should feel soft and comfortable to touch. The dress should not be hard, stiff and crunchy regardless of the fabric.

Examine the seams as well. Seams should be tight and uniform. Dresses with tight seams are stronger than those with loose and inconsistent seams. Look for double straight or serged seams. Dresses with serged seams and without any hanging thread are more durable compared to those with single straight seams.

Dresses should have well-stitched linings as well. Lined dresses last longer and look more elegant than the unlined ones. Lining requires extra effort, so linings on dresses are indicative of a well-thought of manufacturing processes.

A wholesale purchase decision requires more than simply skimming the web for the best one. There are several factors that can influence the decision. Whichever wholesale dealer you choose though, make sure that it can provide you with high quality, 100% original and low-priced dresses. Just because a wholesaler sells the dresses at low prices, it doesn’t mean getting the best deal. A rule of thumb: never compromise quality over cost and quantity.

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